***Presentation of Trophies***
League Division Winners and Internal Club Competition Winners

Thursday 24th April 2014

Vet Rinks Div 1 - P. Lowe Team

Vet Rinks Div 2 - D. Gaymer Team

Evening Rinks Div 1 - J. Staples Team

Evening Rinks Div 2 - P. Cox Team

Midweek Trips Div 1 - P. Collins Team

Midweek Trips Div 2 - J. Hargraves Team

Vet Trips Div 1 - P. Collins Team

Vet Trips Div 2 - A. Meggett  Team

Vet Trips Div 3 - J. Morrell Team

Mixed Pairs Mon 12.30 - B. Hutson

Mixed Pairs Mon Div 1 - A. Mullin

Mixed Pairs Mon Div 2 - M. Hare

Mixed Pairs Friday - A. Mullin

Evening Pairs Div 1 - N. Reed

Evening Pairs Div 2 - R. Robinson

Australian Pairs Tuesday - A. Mullin

Over 60's Trips - J. Hopkinson
Runner up - P. Boulton

Australian Pairs Mon J. Fleming Team

Over 60's Pairs - A. Mullin, P. Parker
(sub N. Rowe) Run-up J. Hopkinson

Mixed Rinks - J. Whitwell Team
Runner up - P. Johnson Team

Mixed Pairs - A.Mullins, M. Saunby
(sub P. Parker) Run-up J.Whitwell, C. Ellis

Ladies Rinks - S. Wooldridge Team
Runner up - P. Kelly Team

Ladies Triples - P. Kelly Team
Runner up - R. Davey Team

Ladies Pairs - P. Kelly, J. Grimbleby
Runner up - J. Rayner, S Lammas

Mens Rinks - P. Johnson Team
Runner up - A Mullin Team

Mens Trips - P. Grimbleby Team
Runner up - A. Mullin Team

Mens Pairs - A. Mullin, P. Parker
Runner up - P.Johnson, D.Rodes

Under 25 Singles - J. Staples
Runner up - S. Burton

Over 60's Singles - P. Cox
Runner up - D. Rhodes

Ladies Singles - J. Bolton
Runner up - S. Wooldridge

Mens Singles - J. Staples
Runner up - P. Johnson

Ladies League  - M. Gall Team
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Teresa Bennett
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