The Man in Charge for the Evening
Peter Bennett - SIBC Secretay
Presentation of Trophies

League Division Winners and Internal Club Competition Winners
Monday 20th April 2015

Welcoming and Short Review
Ray Robinson - SIBC President

Evening Pairs Div 2
  Ray Robinson - Lou Pettitt

Evening Pairs Div 1
Phil Parker

Australian Pairs Tuesday
Alex Mullin

Australian Pairs Monday
Peter Cox - Steven Carr

Mixed Pairs  Friday
Alex Mullin

Mixed Pairs Div 2
John Moore

Mixed Pairs Div 1
Alex Mullin

Mixed Pairs  Monday
Teresa Bennett

Veteran Triples Div 3
Roy Janney

Veteran Triples Div 2
Tony Pollock

Veteran Triples Div 1
John Hopkinson-collected by Jim Davidson

Midweek Triples Div 2
Joan Bolton

Midweek Triples Div 1
Alex Mullin

Evening Rinks Div 2
Mick Bingham

Evening Rinks Div 1
Tom Whiteley

Ladies League
Pat Kelly

Veteran Rinks Div 2
Margaret Gaymer

Veteran Rinks Div 1
Tom Whiteley

Mens Rinks
Steven Carr, Paul Grimbleby, James Staples

Mens Triples
Paul Grimbleby - David Copley

Mens Pairs
Alex Mullin - Phil Parker

Mixed Rinks
Alex Mullin

Mixed Pairs
Paul Johnson - Jackie Pettitt

Australian Pairs
Peter Cox - Steven Carr

Over 60's Triples
Dennis Rhodes - Jim Davidson

Over 60's Pairs
Alex Mullin - Phil Parker

Ladies Rinks
Pat Kelly - Jean Lowe

Ladies Triples
Pat Kelly

Ladies Pairs
Joan Bolton - Sue Bennett

Under 25's Singles
James Staples

Ladies Singles
Joan Bolton

Your Photographer
for the Evening was

David Gaymer

Men's Singles
Kevin Rands