The large party of approximately 120 bowlers and guests from Scunthorpe Indoor  travelled to the Wembley of the bowling world ’Potters Leisure Resort’ in Norfolk. Everyone soon settled into the atmosphere created at the complex taking part in various activities that were available ranging from dancing classes to Segway driving. They indulged in the exceptional food, enjoyed the social atmosphere and top quality entertainment that was supplied in the Atlas theatre every evening by the quality Potter’s theatre company.
Another of the highlights of the week was the Annual celebrity bowling match held between the Andy Thompson MBE (world ranked bowler) rink and the Scottish bowling legend Willie Wood MBE rink. Scunthorpe’s John Hopkinson had the honour of playing for Willie Wood’s rink against Andy Thompson’s rink in a match that produced some quality bowls from all players eventually finishing with a draw in front of a large extremely enthusiastic and vocal audience.

The Scunthorpe rink of Ron Shucksmith, Jackie Pettitt, Tom Whiteley and Ray Robinson produced some excellent form and maintained it to reach the Quarter-finals. They continued on their winning form by securing victories in the Quarter and Semi-finals over two quality Spanish rinks to qualify for the Final.

In the final the Robinson quartet faced another rink from Spain and with both rinks playing well the Scunthorpe four took an early lead of 3 to 1 shots. At this point the Spanish rink fought their way back to level the scores at 4 shots each followed by the Scunthorpe quartet regaining the lead by 5 to 4 shots.

The final end of this 8 end game produced some top class bowling from both rinks cheered on by an extremely large crowd of spectators that produced tremendous vocal support of the likes of a football match. Unfortunately the Robinson rink lost 2 shots on this final end to disappointingly lose the final by a single shot at 6 to 5 shots after an excellent overall performance throughout the tournament.