POTTERS TRIP HONOURS FOR SCUNTHORPE
The large party of approximately 130 bowlers and guests from Scunthorpe and Gainsborough Indoor Bowls Clubs travelled in two coaches and a number of cars to the Wembley of the bowling world ’Potters Leisure Resort’ in Norfolk.

This venue is the home of the televised ‘World Indoor Bowls Championships’ competition and the large party from the Scunthorpe and Gainsborough area made this Annual trip to relax, enjoy a social break, savour the quality entertainment, the party atmosphere and indulge in the exceptional food. Everyone soon settled into the atmosphere created at the complex taking part in various activities that were available ranging from dancing classes to Segway driving and enjoyed the top quality entertainment that was supplied in the Atlas theatre every evening by the quality Potter’s theatre company.

A little bit more left

Celbrity Match Teams  with Greg and Andy

Another of the highlights of the week was the Annual celebrity bowling match in which Scunthorpe’s Arthur Meggett had the honour of playing in the rink of the world No. 7 ranked and most capped England player ever Andy Thompson MBE in a match against the world No.4 ranked England player Gregg Harlow and his rink that included Scunthorpe’s Margaret Dargue.
The match produced some quality bowls from not only the two England players but also all players that took part eventually finishing with a draw in front of a large extremely enthusiastic and vocal audience. The match was followed by the celebrity rinks being presented with gifts form Andy Thompson and Gregg Harlow.

During this five day break the bowlers in the Scunthorpe party took part in an indoor tournament against bowlers from other areas of the country as well as Spain. It turned out to be an excellent tournament for the Scunthorpe teams with five rinks of Ron Shucksmith, Jackie Pettitt, Tom Whiteley and Ray Robinson, Alan Rymer, Jim Roe, Margaret Dargue and John Hopkinson, Dorothy Morgan, Maureen Dodbson, Maureen Medhurst and Christine Robinson, Marie Miller, Brian Harrop, Julie Hargraves and Steve Miller and Phylis Morris, Brian Bristow, Charles Morris, Geoff Horton all reaching the last 16 but it was followed by disappointment as all five rinks went out of the competition in this round.

A proud 2 shots

The Club Captain in his element

Short again

King of Clubs - Scunthorpe

Ray with Greg & Andy

We could all be in trouble now

Maureen Medhurst

Can you see this

Steve Miller

Dave Batchelor

Tony Glover

In thinking mode

Stars of the Painting

Watching intently

Socialsing with the stars

Celebrity match preperation

Celebrity match group

Audrey Kirkby

Contemplating what next

Full concentration

We are definitely one shot

We're having a good time

Elvis fans Andy Thompson & Greg Harlow