POTTERS TRIP HONOURS FOR SCUNTHORPE

The large party of 135 bowlers and guests from Scunthorpe and Gainsborough Indoor Bowls Clubs travelled in two coaches and a number of cars to the Wembley of the bowling world ’Potters Leisure Resort’ in Norfolk. This venue is the home of the televised ‘World Indoor Bowls Championships’ competition and the large party from the Scunthorpe and Gainsborough area made this Annual trip to relax, enjoy a social break, savour the quality entertainment, the party atmosphere and indulge in the exceptional food.

Everyone soon settled into the holiday spirit created at the complex, taking part in the bowling tournament and the various activities that were available ranging from dancing classes, glass engraving, card making Rifle shooting to the more energetic keeping fit, golfing, Segway driving and Swimming. They also enjoyed bingo, dancing and the top West End quality entertainment that was supplied in the Atlas theatre every evening by the talented Potter’s theatre company.

Another of the highlights of the week was the Annual celebrity bowling match in which Scunthorpe’s Jim Roe had the honour of playing in the rink of the world number ten ranked and most capped England player ever Andy Thompson MBE in a match against the world number one ranked England player Gregg Harlow and his rink. The match produced some quality bowls from not only the two England players but also all players that took part eventually finishing with a victory for the Gregg Harlow quartet in front of a large extremely enthusiastic and vocal audience.

Jim Roe
Jim Roe

Andy Thompson & Greg Harlow

Mike Roots

The match was followed by the celebrity rinks being presented with gifts from Andy Thompson and Gregg Harlow. During this five day break the bowlers in the Scunthorpe party took part in an indoor tournament sponsored by ‘Bowls International’ magazine against bowlers from other areas of the country. It turned out to be an excellent tournament for the Scunthorpe teams with the four quartets of Ron Shucksmith, Jackie Pettitt, Tom Whiteley and Ray Robinson, Charles Morris, Brian Bristow, Phylis Morris and Geoff Horton, Terry Newton, Shirley Burnett, Dave Batchelor and Jim Davidson, David Robinson, David Horton, Elaine Roots and Mike Roots all reaching the last 16 but it was followed by a little disappointment as two rinks went out of the competition in this round. The two Scunthorpe rinks of Charles Morris and Ray Robinson produced some top quality bowls in their appropriate Quarter-Finals but unfortunately the Morris rink lost but the Robinson quartet secured themselves a place in the Semi-Finals. In their Semi-Final match the Scunthorpe four again produced some excellent bowls and with one end to play in the match the scores were all level.

As the final bowl came to rest in the game their opponents delivered the killing shot to take the victory away from the Scunthorpe rink that had played such an excellent tournament and done the Scunthorpe party proud. Scunthorpe’s rink of Ron Shucksmith, Jackie Pettitt, Tom Whiteley and Ray Robinson produced some excellent form winning one of their earlier qualifying matches by 14 to 10 shots during which they scored a full house of 8 shots at one end in the game.

On the day of departure the Scunthorpe contingent stayed to watch the final of the tournament that turned out to be a runaway victory for one team. Following the final various trophies were presented by Andy Thompson and Gregg Harlow including prizes for the Scunthorpe Robinson rink for the best rink performance and for reaching the Semi-Final. After this the two England bowlers then proceeded to present the ‘Bowls International’ magazine tournament Winners and Runners-up with their appropriate trophies.

Then it was off on the long journey back to Scunthorpe for everyone after a superb enjoyable 4 day break in Norfolk that had been successfully organised and run by Scunthorpe’s Ray Robinson with valuable assistance from Eleanor Nicholson, Mo Regan, Jackie Pettitt and Paddy Robinson.

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