***SIBC Club Finals Photographs***
Day One - Saturday 11-04-15

Australian Pairs Finalists

Ladies Rinks Finalists

Ladies Singles Finalists

Over 60's Triples Finalists

Mixed Pairs Finalists

Ladies Triples Finalists

Over 60's Singles Finalists

Over 60's Pairs Finalists

Under 25's Singles Finalists

Phil Bolton
Competition Final Winners
Australian Pairs - P.Cox & S.Carr
Ladies Rinks - P.Kelly, J.Lowe,
P.Saxby & E. Nicholson.
Ladies Singles - J.Bolton
Over 60's Triples - J.Hopkinson,
J.Davison & D.Rhodes.
Mixed Pairs - P.Johnson, J.Pettit
Ladies Triples - P.Kelly, C.Boulton,  & P.Saxby
Over 60's Singles - P.Cox
Over 60's Pairs - A.Mullins & P.Parker
Under 25's Singles - James Staples

Joan Bolton

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