***SIBC Club Finals Photographs***
Day Two - Sunday 06-04-14

Ladies Pairs

Mixed Pairs

Under 25's Singles

Over 60's Singles

Ladies Singles

Men's Singles

Men's Rinks


LADIES PAIRS  -  Janet Grimbleby and Pat Kelly   (26 to 16 shots) 
MENS RINKS  -  Dennis Rhodes, Ray Robinson, Paul Johnson and Kevin Rands   (23 to 7 shots)

UNDER 25’s SINGLES  James Staples (23 to 17 shots) 

OVER 60’s SINGLES  Peter Cox   (23 to 8 shots)

MIXED PAIRS  Margaret Saunby and Phil Parker (for Alex
Mullin)   (21 to 20 shots)

LADIES SINGLES  Joan Bolton   (23 to 9 shots)

MENS SINGLES  -  James Staples   (21 to 20 shots)

Dennis Rhodes

Margaret Saunby

Sue Wooldridge

Janet Grimbleby

John Whitwell

Steve Burton

whoops...... another wick

can they get one in there

in here again.. how good is the memory

button                 Ray Robinson our photographer for the day