***SIBC Club Finals Photographs***
Day Two - Sunday 12-04-15

Ladies Pairs Finalist

Men's Pairs Finalist

Mixed Rinks Finalist

Men's Rinks Finalist

Men's Triples Finalist

Men's Singles Finalist

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Competition Final Winners
Ladies Pairs - J.Bolton & S. Bennett
Men's Pairs - A.Mullins & P. Parker
Mixed Rinks - A.Mullins, P.Boulton,
M.Saunby & C.Boulton.
Men's Rinks - P.Grimbleby, S.Carr,
J.Staples & S.Burton.
Men's Triples - P.Grimbleby,
D.Copley & S.Burton.
Men's Singles - Kevin Rands.

A great bowl

Need to reach this bowl
Our Thanks to
Ray Robinson our photographer for both days

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Two shots down

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This bowl is very close