Winter League Season 2018/19 Fixture Sheets
Vet Rinks Div 1
Monday 10.30am

Mixed Pairs-One Division
Monday 12.30pm

Mixed Pairs-One Division
Monday  2.30pam

Australian Pairs-One Div
Monday 6.30pm

Vet Rinks  Div 2
Tuesday 10.30am

Australian Pairs Div One
Tuesday 12.30pm

Australian Pairs Div Two
Tuesday 4.30pm

Singles League
Tuesday 6.30pm

Midweek Trips-Div One
Wednesday-Various Times

Midweek Trips-Div Two
Wednesday-Various Times

Midweek Trips-Div Three
Wednesday-Various Times

Evening Pairs - Div One
Wednesday 6.30pm

Vet Trips Division One
  Thursday 10.30am

Ladies League
Thursday 2.30pm

Evening Pairs - Div Two
Thursday 6.30pm

Vet Trips Division Two
Friday 10.30am

Mixed Pairs-Division Two
Friday 12.30pm

Mixed Pairs-Division One
Friday 2.30pm

Evening Trips-One Division
Friday 6.30pm

If you need the Captains Telephone Number please contact the Duty Steward on 01724 280777