11th April 2019


Scunthorpe played their next home fixture in the Lincolnshire County Mixed League against Lincoln ‘B’. The match started with the home Scunthorpe team bolting out of the traps and developing an early overall advantage of 28 to 17 shots and by the halfway point in the match the home squad had extended their lead to 56 to 37 shots. Although the Lincoln team battled well they were unable to make any real impact on the home team’s advantage. The Scunthorpe team in full flow sustained their dominance in the match with some excellent bowling and finished up the comfortable victors by 18 to 0 points (123 to 62 shots).
Scunthorpe’s rink of Chris Boulton, Marion Addey, Dave Portanier and Phil Boulton found themselves leading early in their match by 5 to 2 shots and playing extremely well managed to extend their lead to 17 to 5 shots at the three quarter point in the game. Continuing to play some awesome bowls the home four went on to eventually run out the winners by very comfortable 30 to 6 shots.
Maureen Wilkinson, Shirley Booth, Mike Parsons and Alex Mullin for Scunthorpe were drawing early in their game by 4 shots each and managed to extend it by the halfway point of the match to lead by 13 to 6 shots. The home quartet playing some awesome bowls soon increased this advantage to 25 to 7 shots and by the conclusion of this match the Scunthorpe quartet maintained their dominance to run out the winners by a comfortable 31 to 10 shots.
Scunthorpe’s Heather Macfall, Ron Cline, Eleanor Nicholson and Ray Robinson were soon leading to their visiting Lincoln opponents by 9 to 5 shots and managed to increase their lead to 18 to 9 shots as the mid-point of this battle was reached. However the visiting four soon settled and started steadily clawing their way back into the match reducing the home fours lead to just 24 to 10 shots. Although the Lincoln quartet bowled well the Scunthorpe four managed to extend their lead by 129 to 12 shots and held on to finish this hard fought game with a 29 to 17 shots victory.
The home rink of Jenny Rowe, Jackie Pettitt, John Moore and Neil Rowe soon found themselves leading by 5 to 4 shots over the visiting Lincoln rink early in their encounter and playing well they extended their lead to 10 to 8 shots. In the second half of this interesting match the home quartet retained their lead at 20 to 12 shots and eventually secured the victory by 20 to 14 shots.
The final Scunthorpe rink of John Davison, Sandra Newlove, Linda Salmon and Ian Robinson found their Lincoln opponents in good form but still managed to secure an early lead of 5 to 2 shots. By the halfway stage of this battle had been reached and with some good bowling the visiting Lincoln four had taken the lead by 9 to 8 shots. The second half of the match saw the Scunthorpe rink retake the lead by 15 tom 9 shots and maintained it to secure another Scunthorpe rink victory by 17 to 14 shots.
The bowl is this far through

An emphatic 2 shots down

Midweek Triple Division One has the team of Alex Mullin already having won the Division on 40 points with the Peter Collins team in second spot 9 points adrift of the leaders on 31 points. Third place is occupied by Tom Whiteley’s squad on 23 points with Gez Holloway’s team in fourth place also on 23 points.
An encounter took place between the teams of Alex Mullin and Joan Bolton that started evenly balanced with an early score-line of 4 to 2 shots to the Mullin trio. However as the contest reached the halfway point in the match the Mullin rink increased their lead to 9 to 3 shots with some excellent play then extended their advantage to 11 to 4 shots.
As the second half of the battle progressed on the Bolton rink scored a total of 6 shots over three consecutive ends to pull the scores back to trail by just 11 to 10 shots and then to 11 shots each with two ends to play in the game. These final ends produced some quality bowls from both trios but on the final reckoning it was the Alex Mullin rink that took the victory by 13 to 11 shots. 

In Division Two the Peter Blake team on 35 points is currently in the top spot with second placed Roy Janney’s team on 33 points. Eleanor Nicholson’s team on 30 points is currently occupying third position shadowed by fourth placed John Parrott’s team on 27 points.
The league programme has already finished so there is no matches to report on.

In Division Three Martin Hammond’s team is in the top spot having already won the Division on 35 points and is being shadowed closely by the Bernard Sims team on 34 points currently in second place. The Jim Sugden team is also on 34 points in third place followed by Peter Dawson’s team in fourth place on 32 points.
A match between Roy Hutchinson and Russ Harrison produced a game that was reasonably controlled by one team. The Harrison trio got off to an excellent start and took an early lead of 7 to 1 shots and extended it to 11 to 2 shots by the mid-point of the encounter had been reached.
This pattern of the match continued as the Russ Harrison rink further extended their lead to eventually secure the victory by a comfortable 21 to 8 shots.

A serious one shot

Play with this much on

The Evening Pairs Division One has John Whitwell on 28 points in the top position while Geoff Lamplough is currently occupying second place on 26 points. Neil Poole is on 22 points in third place followed by Ray Robinson in fourth place and Dave Copley in fifth spot both also on 22 points.
A close encounter took place between the pairings of Frank Pike partnered by Rita Davey and Geoff Lamplough and partner Graham Teal. The match started with both pairs matching one another bowl for bowl that produced and early advantage of 9 to 3 shots to the Frank Pike pairing.
By the halfway stage of the battle had been reached the Pike duo had extended their lead to 13 to 6 shots and were looking in control. In the latter stages of the match the Lamplough pairing started to claw their way back into the game to trail by just 17 to 15 shots. However this produced a positive reaction from the Frank Pike pair asw they steadied the ship and held on the take the victory by 19 to 17 shots.

The Division Two title has already been won by the current leader Adrian Wardle who is on 42 points with Mike Parsons in second place with 33 points followed by Gez Holloway creeping into third place on 29 points.
There is no match report as this league programme is now completed and no individual results this week .

In the Evening Singles League Phil Parker has secured the League title with a total of 73 points with nearest rival Alex Mullin currently in second place on 58 points. Third place is occupied by Peter Cox on 53 points followed closely by Adrian Wardle on 49 points.
Recent results include P. Parker 16 P. Kelly 1, P. Kelly 3 A. Wardle 9, A. Wardle 5 P. Parker7,
P. Parker 8 A. Mullin 7, G. Lamplough 8 P. Parker 6, A. Mullin 8 G. Lamplough 6,
D. Portanier 14 M. Portanier 1, M. Portanier 3 R. Brown 9, R. Brown 6 D. Portanier 4,
A. Wardle 10 J. Wardle 7, J. Wardle 17 K. Portanier 2, K. Portanier 1 A. Wardle 15,
P. Cox 14 D. McIntosh 1, R. Skinner 6 Cox 7, D. McIntosh 6 R. Skinner 3.

Neil Poole

  Visit from 2nd Messingham Brownies


The Scunthorpe Club’s Annual Individual Knockout Competition Finals will be held over Saturday 13th April and Sunday 14th April 2019 and the café will be open over the weekend to provide meals.


The Scunthorpe Indoor Centre will close its doors on the 2018/2019 Season on Wednesday 18th April 2018 (2.30pm) and will re-open on Tuesday 7th May 2019 (9.30am) for the start of the Summer League Programme (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays 10.30am to 12.30pm)


The English Bowling Federations Indoor National Championships, one of the highlights of the bowling calendar, is being staged in Newark next week (23-28 April 2019). For a whole week the English Bowling Federation will take over the eight rink green at the Newark Indoor Bowls Club and the championships will run for twelve hours a day. Spectators are welcome to watch these competitions and entrance to them is free.
Overseeing this year’s matches will be the English Bowling Federations President who will be ably supported by the English Women’s Bowling Federation President. All the players in each of the disciplines have already qualified as their County Champions and will compete in Newark for National titles. A number of players representing Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Club and Humberside County Bowls Association will be competing in these finals.

Maria Portanier

Indoor antics

                                                                               FORTHCOMING EVENTS

                   Thursday April 11th           Scunthorpe Men play away in the Lincolnshire County Men’s Over 60’s
                                                                         League against Boston commencing at 10.00am.

                   Saturday/Sunday                Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Club Individual Knockout Competitions Finals  
                   April 13th & 14th
                  commencing on both days at 9.30am (a full programme both days).

                   Wednesday April 17th       Club Presentation Evening commencing at 6.00pm at the Indoor Centre
                                                                        that will include Pie and Peas. Tickets cost £3 each and can be obtained
                                                                        from the Duty Steward in the Centre Office.

                    Saturday April 27th           Scunthorpe Indoor Club’s Annual General Meeting takes place at the
                                                                         Indoor Bowls Centre commencing at 2.00pm.