12th April 2018


Scunthorpe mixed played their final match of the 2017/18 season away against Louth in the Lincolnshire County Mixed League. The visiting Scunthorpe team started well by matching the home team in the early stages of the match and managed to secure a slight overall lead of 29 to 28 shots.
However they were unable to maintain it as the home Louth team with some quality play took the lead by 67 to 45 shots by the halfway point in the game was been reached. As the duel continued the Scunthorpe team tried hard to stop the Louth team from extending their advantage but found it very difficult against a home team that were in excellent form. As the match progressed on into the latter half of the encounter the Scunthorpe team bowled well but were unable to stop the home team from steadily increasing their overall lead to 110 to 71 shots with just three ends to play across all five rinks.
The visiting team’s fighting spirit was maintained through the final ends but the Louth team were in awesome form and never let their foot off the accelerator pedal continuing to extend their lead. As the last bowls came to rest in the match it was a supremely confident home Louth team that secured the victory by a comfortable overall margin of 16 to 2 points (129 to 81 shots).

The Scunthorpe rink of Marion Addey, Jackie Pettitt, Graham Lewis and Neil Rowe got off to a good start leading their visiting opponents by 6 to 0 shots early in their match. The Scunthorpe rink with some excellent play managed to stay in front of their opponents throughout the first half of the match securing a halftime lead of 15 to 3 shots. During the second half of the battle the visiting quartet held on to their advantage and in the final ends an injection of form by the Scunthorpe rink secured the victory with a final score of 21 to 13 shots.
Chris Boulton, Ray Brown, Linda Salmon and Phil Boulton for Scunthorpe soon found themselves trailing early in their match against their Louth opponents with a score-line of 10 to 5 shots. Playing well the visiting rink battled hard to reduce their opponent’s advantage but the home four managed to extend their lead to 14 to 6 shots by the mid-point of the match was reached. The Scunthorpe rink then with some excellent play started to win the ends reducing the Louth quartet’s lead down to 18 to 15 shots with three ends remaining in the match. Though the Scunthorpe rink tried hard to secure the victory they were unable to shake the home rink’s rhythm and maintained their advantage to finish up with a winning score of 21 to 16 shots securing a rink victory for the home club.
Following this the visiting four of Maureen Wilkinson, John Davison, Eleanor Nicholson and John Moore were soon trailing early in their match by 10 to 1 shots but were able to edge their way back and then take the lead by 13 to 11 shots by the halfway point in the game had been reached. Staying focussed the visiting rink maintained their form and fought hard against home opponents who eventually levelled the scores at 16 shots each. Unfortunately the Scunthorpe quartet were unable to secure an advantage as the Louth quartet took the lead and extended it to run out the victors by 23 to 17 shots and adding another rink victory on the board for the home team.
The fourth Scunthorpe rink of Shirley Burnett, Paul Wilkinson, Mike Parsons and Chris Ellis soon found themselves trailing early in their match by 7 to 4 shots to a home rink that were producing some good consistent bowling. The Scunthorpe rink tried hard to ease their way into the lead but they could not stop their in-form opponents from securing a lead of 14 to 6 shots by the halfway stage of the match was reached. At this point the Louth rink moved up a gear and extended their lead in the match and maintained it to the end of the battle finishing with a victory for the home rink of 28 to 15 shots.
The Scunthorpe four of Sandra Newlove, Edna Cook, Alan Rymer and John Downs were involved in a game against a Louth quartet that played their own green exceptionally well. In the early stages of the encounter the home four developed a lead of 10 to 4 shots and were able to increase it by securing a lead of 25 to 5 shots as the halfway stage of this match was reached. At this point in the game the home quartet held the accelerator down and increased their lead to 34 to 7 shots. The Louth rink were in awesome form and even though the visiting Scunthorpe four produced some excellent bowls they were unable to stop their home opponents from eventually winning the duel by 44 to 12 shots.
Deciding the nearest bowl
One down ,One up
Another chalker

Veteran Rinks Division One sees the Peter Collins team on 46 points having secured the Division title with Ron Kelly’s team finishing in second place currently on 36 points followed by John Painter’s team on 34 points in third place.
A match played between the team of Sandra Newlove and Josey Rayner’s team started off with the Rayner rink playing well and taking an early lead of 5 to 2 shots. As the match continued on the Newlove quartet edged back to trail by 5 to 4 shots but following this the Rayner rink hit back by winning two out of the next three ends and scoring a total of 5 shots.
The Rayner rink were now leading by 10 to 6 shots and they were starting to play more confidently as the halfway point in the game was reached . Despite the determination of the Newlove rink the Rayner four remained steady producing some excellent bowls maintaining a slight lead of 12 to 7 shots with just four ends left to play in the game.
After an excellent four final ends of bowls that contained some remarkable quality bowling it was the Sandra Newlove team that won three of these final ends scoring a total of 5 shots to Josey Rayner’s 4 shots. The result of this was a victory for the Josey Rayner team as they hung on by 4 shots with a score-line of 16 to 12 shots.

The Division Two title race is tightening up with Peter Dawson’s team currently at the top of the Division on 35 points just a single point clear of Peter Bennett’s team on 34 points in the second position and being shadowed by the third placed team of Chris Cooper on 29 points.
An encounter that took place between the teams of Peter Bennett and Peter Dawson produced a game that resulted in an interesting final three ends finish to the match. The Dawson quartet sprung an early surprise on the Bennett rink as they took an early lead of 6 to 0 shots due to winning the first two ends although the Bennett quartet did manage to claw the scores back to level the match at 6 shots each. However they were unable to take the lead as the Dawson team steadily eased their way back into the lead by 11 to 6 shots by the halfway stage of this interesting battle had been reached.
Following this with a Bennett team having no intentions of conceding anything they upped the tempo and won the next five consecutive ends scoring a total of 7 shots to take the lead by 13 to 11 shots with just three ends left to play. Remarkably then the drama unfolded as the Dawson rink scored 2 shots on the first of these ends and followed it up by scoring 5 shots on the next end to regain the lead by 18 to 13 shots. Although both rinks produced some excellent bowls on the final end it was the Bennett squad that scored a single shot on the last end to leave the Peter Dawson rink to secure the victory by 18 to 14 shots.

In the Veteran Triples Division One the Graham Lewis team has secured the Division title currently on 37 points followed by the Neil Poole team who are currently sitting in second place on 30 points with two matches in-hand over third placed John Hopkinson on 29 points.
The match between the teams of Warwick Wooldridge and Arthur Meggett developed into a game in which one team upped their game in the second half of the match. It was the Meggett squad that that took an early 7 to 2 shots lead in the match but with some determined bowling the Wooldridge trio steadily eased their way back to level and then to take the lead by 8 to7 shots by the time the halfway point in the duel had been reached.
At this stage of the encounter the Meggett rink started to produce some better form and this continued for the whole of the second half of the match as they extended their lead to 13 to 9 shots with just three ends remaining in the game. In the first two of these ends both teams produced some extremely competitive play but it was the Meggett rink that scored a total of 5 shots across these final ends.
The last end brought its own drama when the Wooldridge trio delivered some superb bowls to eventually win the end scoring 2 shots. The final outcome of this enthralling match was a victory for Arthur Meggett’s team by just 18 to 11 shots.  

In Division Two the Marjorie Nash team has already secured the Division title on 24 points, 2 points clear of the Mo Addlesee team on 22 points who is occupying second position closely followed by third placed Meg Gall’s team on 21 points.
An encounter that took place between the teams of John Parrott and Roy Janney produced a game that resulted in an extremely close finish to the match. Both trios settled straight away and matched one another in an evenly balanced battle that delivered an early score-line of 3 shots each and then moving on to 6 shots each as the halfway stage of this interesting match was reached.
As this game continued into the second half neither rink seemed able to break this evenly balanced game with the scores moving on to 11 shots each with just two ends remaining to complete in this hard fought encounter. On the first of these final ends the Parrott rink pulled out all the stops by delivering some exceptional bowls that resulted in them winning the end and scoring a single shot to go into the final end leading by 12 to 11 shots.
Although both teams produced some excellent bowls in the final end it was the Janney trio that eventually won the end and scored just a single shot that resulted in a 12 shots each draw after an extremely close and hard fought match.
In the Australian Pairs 6.30pm (Mon) it’s Paul Johnson that currently leads the Division on 40 points closely followed by Mo Regan on 39 points in second place and Rob Skinner on 37 points in third spot.
Paul Johnson partnered by Paul Grimbleby played a match against Rob Skinner and Sue Bennett that proved to be a close fought encounter and a final three end burst of action. The match started with Johnson pair securing an early lead of 5 to 1 shots but they were unable to maintain it as the Skinner duo steadily edged back to level the match at 8 shots each at the halfway stage of the encounter. However this seemed to be the trigger for the Johnson pair to score a total of 8 shots whilst their opponents scored 2 shots across the next four ends to lead by 16 to 10 shots.
However the Skinner pair were not beaten yet and managed to claw back the deficit to level the scores once again at 16 shots each leaving just three ends still to play. On the first of these two ends remaining to complete it was the Johnson duo that kept cool and managed to score a total of 3 shots to take the lead by 19 to 16 shots. Across the final two ends it was evenly balanced as both pairs scored a single shot each bringing this quality match to a close with Paul Johnson and Paul Grimbleby securing the victory by 20 to 17 shots.

The Australian Pairs 12.30pm (Tues) League title has already been won by Ray Robinson currently on 29 points followed in second place by Vic Deboer on 27 points with Linda Salmon currently in third place on 26 points.
Linda Salmon partnered by Mick Jipson played against Bill Jackson and Keith Ellis in a match that produced an evenly balanced battle. This encounter started with the Salmon duo racing into an early lead of 7 to 2 shots and looking in excellent form they extended their lead to 9 to 3 shots.
At this point the Jackson pairing seemed to spring into action winning three consecutive ends and scoring a total of 7 shots taking them into the lead by 10 to 9 shots as they reached the halfway stage of the match. Although both pairs tried hard to win this match their match progressed on with both pairings matching one another bowl for bowl.
With two ends to play in this interesting battle and both pairings playing extremely well the scores were 11 shots each. The final two ends produced some awesome bowls from both pairs but it was Bill Jackson and Keith Ellis that won both the remaining ends scoring a total of 5 shots to take the victory by 16 to 11 shots.
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The Scunthorpe Club’s Annual Individual Knockout Competition Finals will be held over Saturday 14th April and Sunday 15th April 2018 - Matches starting at 9.30am, 1pm and 4pm on both days.


The Scunthorpe Indoor Centre will close it’s doors on the 2017/2018 Season on Wednesday 18th April 2018 (4.30pm) and will re-open on Thursday 10th May 2018 (10.00am) for the start of the Summer League Programme (Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays 10.30am to 12.30pm).

The English Bowling Federations Indoor National Championships, one of the highlights of the bowling calendar, is being staged in Newark next week (18-24 April 2018). For a whole week the English Bowling Federation will take over the eight rink green at the Newark Indoor Bowls Club and the championships will run for twelve hours a day. Spectators are welcome to watch these competitions and entrance to them is free.
Overseeing this year’s matches will be the English Bowling Federations President who will be ably supported by the English Women’s Bowling Federation President. All the players in each of the disciplines have already qualified as their County Champions and will compete in Newark for National titles. A number of players representing Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Club from both Lincolnshire County Bowling Association (Paul Grimbleby) and Humberside County Bowls Association (Chris Ellis, Graham Lewis and Peter Cox) will be competing in these finals.

                                                ACTION FROM THE VETERAN TRIPLES LEAGUE MATCHES    

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Jim Seal
Barry Walls

                                                                               FORTHCOMING EVENTS

     Thursday April 12th      Scunthorpe Men play at home in the Lincolnshire County Men’s Over 60’s League
                                                      against Louth commencing at 10.30am.

     Saturday April 14th      
Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Club Individual Competitions Finals
     & Sunday April 15th

     Saturday April 21st    
   Scunthorpe Indoor Club’s Annual General Meeting takes place at the Carlton  
                                                      Street Indoor Centre commencing at 10.30am and followed by the Presentation of 
                                                      League and Individual Knockout Competition trophies.