21st March 2019


The Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Club is holding a Free Open Day at the Carlton Street Indoor Bowls Centre (thro’ the main Car Park) for anyone who is interested to come along to and try out indoor bowls. Visitors will be able to visit the Centre anytime on SATURDAY 23rd MARCH 2019 between 10.30am to 4.00pm and club members will be on hand to help everyone to enjoy their visit. All visitors will need is a pair of flat soled shoes and the bowls are provided by the club. Children are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult. Coaching will be available to help everyone to enjoy their visit. 
The Open Day event will provide the opportunity for people of all ages from children to senior citizens to come and view the facilities at the Indoor Bowls Centre and try the indoor bowls game out. It does not matter if you have not played before and whatever the age, ability and experience the day is for everyone to come and have a go. The Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Club prides itself in in its friendly and encouraging atmosphere for new bowlers from families to individuals.  Indoor Bowls is a great way to make new friends and enhance and enjoy your social time.  SO COME ALONG TO THE ‘OPEN DAY’ AND TRY IT OUT.


After excellent results in the last two fixtures Scunthorpe travelled to Sleaford to play their next away fixture of the Season against a difficult Sleaford team on their own green in the Lincolnshire County Men’s Over 60’s League. The match started with the home Sleaford team flying straight out of their starting blocks and securing an early overall lead of 27 to 23 shots. By the time this match had reached the three quarter stage the Sleaford team had slightly extended their lead with some consistent quality play to 79 to 72 shots. As the game progressed to its final stages the visiting Scunthorpe team managed to reduce the visiting teams overall advantage slightly but were unable to stop the Sleaford squad ending the match with an excellent victory by 16 to 2 points (109 to 105 shots).
Alan Rymer, John Downs, John Moore and Neil Rowe for Scunthorpe developed a mid-point of the match lead of 14 to 7 shots and never looked back eventually winning by a comfortable 32 to 15 shots. The Scunthorpe rink of Tom Whiteley, Stan Shellard, Mike Roots and Peter Cox were involved in an evenly balanced battle in their match and were trailing at the halfway stage by 3 shots (9 to 6 shots). Continuing to play well the Scunthorpe quartet continued to fight hard but the home rink managed to eventually run out the winners by 19 to 18 shots.
The visiting Scunthorpe four of John Davison, Bill Jackson, John Hopkinson and Neil Poole found themselves trailing early in their match to their Sleaford opponents by 6 to 4 shots and the deficit increased to 14 to 6 shots as the halfway stage of the match was reached. The Scunthorpe quartet then moved up a gear and reduced their opponents lead but they could not stop the Sleaford rink from taking the victory by 23 to 22 shots.
Scunthorpe’s Roy Hindmarsh, Robert Bugg, Ian Robinson and Ray Robinson trailed early in their match by 8 to 2 shots due to some excellent bowling from the Sleaford rink. The Scunthorpe quartet produced some excellent bowls but they were unable to prevent the Sleaford quartet from securing the victory by 24 to 16 shots.
The final Scunthorpe rink consisting of Ron Kelly, Roy Coultard, Ray Bartholomew and Dave Copley started well and soon were leading their Sleaford opponents early in their match by 8 to 7 shots. As this match continued on the home Sleaford rink maintained their form and steadily eased their way further into the lead with some awesome play to lead by 20 to 14 shots. Although both rinks produced some competitive bowls during the final ends of the game the match resulted in a win for the home Sleaford rink by 28 to 17 shots.

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Scunthorpe played their next home fixture in the Lincolnshire County Mixed League against Louth. The match started with the home Scunthorpe team bolting out of the traps and developing an early overall advantage of 46 to 5 shots and by the halfway point in the match the home squad had extended their lead to 93 to 19 shots. Although the Louth team battled well they were unable to make any real impact on the home team’s advantage. The Scunthorpe team in full flow sustained their dominance in the match with some excellent bowling and finished up the comfortable victors by 18 to 0 points (185 to 36 shots).
Scunthorpe’s rink of June Deboer, Marion Addey, Mike Parsons and John Downs playing with only three players in the Louth rink found themselves leading early in their match by 13 to 1 shots and playing extremely well managed to extend their lead to 26 to 2 shots at the halfway point in the game. Continuing to play some awesome bowls the home four went on to eventually run out the winners by very comfortable 51 to 6 shots.
Heather Macfall, Dave Batchelor, Eleanor Nicholson and Ray Robinson for Scunthorpe took the lead early in their game over just three Louth players by 6 to 3 shots and the home quartet soon extended this advantage to 27 to 9 shots and by the conclusion of this match the Scunthorpe quartet held on to run out the winners by a comfortable 43 to 10 shots.
The home rink of Chris Boulton,Dave Portanier, Linda Salmon and Phil Boulton soon found themselves leading by 12 to 0 shots over the visiting Louth rink early in their encounter and playing well they were able to extend their lead and maintain it to eventually secure the victory by 30 to 6 shots.
Scunthorpe’s Jenny Rowe, Marilynne Harrison, John Moore and Neil Rowe were soon leading to their visiting Louth opponents by 11 to 0 shots but the visiting four soon settled and started steadily clawing their way back into the match. Although the Louth quartet bowled well the Scunthorpe four managed to extend their lead to 29 to 3 shots and held on to finish this hard fought game with a 33 to 14 shots victory.
The final Scunthorpe rink of Shirley Burnett, Maria Portanier, Ian Robinson and Alex Mullin found their Louth opponents in good form but still managed to secure an early lead of 4 to 2 shots. The Scunthorpe quartet produced some excellent form and consequently extended their lead to 20 to 7 shots and then the Louth rink started to reduce the home rinks lead. The Scunthorpe four maintained their control of the game and eventually secured the rink win for Scunthorpe by 28 to 10 shots.

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Midweek Triple Division One
has the team of Alex Mullin already won the Division and currently  on 36 points with the Peter Collins team in second spot 11 points adrift of the leaders on 25 points. Third place is occupied by Gez Holloway’s squad on 21 points with Graham Lewis’s team in fourth place on 20 points.
An extremely close finish to a match took place when the teams of Graham Lewis and Len Lammas faced up to one another. Both squads matched one another early in  the game producing a score of 2 shots each and this continued as both trios maintained this evenly balanced battle with a score-line of 4 shots each as the halfway stage of the battle was reached. With some confident and competitive play from the Lewis team they then moved up a gear with some excellent bowls to take a lead of 8 to 4 shots but that was followed by the Lammas rink pulling back to level the scores at 8 shots each.
With just three ends to play the Lewis trio again went into the lead by 10 to 9 shots with just a single end to play. As the last bowl came to rest on the last end of the match it was the Len Lammas rink that won this final end scoring a total of 2 shots that secured them a 11 to 10 shots victory in this evenly fought battle.
In Division Two the Peter Blake team on 31 points is currently in the top spot by just shot difference with second placed Roy Janney’s team also 31 points. Eleanor Nicholson’s team on 28 points is currently occupying third position shadowed by fourth placed John Parrott’s team on 25 points.
An encounter that took place between the teams of Vince Hardie and Eleanor Nicholson produced a game that resulted in a 3 shot finish to the match. The Nicholson trio settled straight away played some excellent bowls that secured them an early lead of 4 to 2 shots and then extended it to 7 to 4 shots as the halfway stage of this interesting match was reached. As this game continued into the second half the Hardie rink eased their way back and then took the lead by 9 to 8 shots but then back came the Nicholson trio to regain the lead by 14 to 9 shots with just a single end remaining to complete in this hard fought encounter.
Although both teams produced some excellent bowls in the final end it was the Hardie trio that eventually won the end and scoring just 2 shots that resulted in the Eleanor Nicholson rink securing the victory by just 14 to11 shots after an extremely intense match.

In Division Three Jim Sugden’s team is in the top spot on 34 points and is being shadowed closely by Martin Hammond’s team on 31 points currently in second place. The Bernard Sims team is on 30 points in third place followed by Peter Dawson’s team in fourth place on 28 points.
An excellent encounter took place between two teams of Shirley Parrott and Ray Brown that resulted in an extremely explosive final end finish. The Brown team started well taking a small early lead in the match of 3 to 2 shots and going on to maintain it to lead by 5 to 4 shots by the halfway stage of the encounter had been reached. Then the Parrott rink seemed to be jolted into action and went on to not only reduce their opponents lead but took the lead by 6 to 4 shots with some solid bowling.
However then the Brown trio hit back by winning the next three consecutive and scoring a total of 4 shots to retake the lead by 8 to 6 shots with just a single end to play. This final end of this intriguing game produced some quality bowls by both rinks and on the conclusion of the end it was the Parrott rink that scored 2 shots. The result of the game was a draw of 8 shots each after what had proved to be an excellent match.

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The Evening Pairs Division One has Geoff Lamplough on 26 points in the top position while Neil Poole is currently occupying second place on 20 points. John Whitwell is also on 20 points in third place followed Dave Copley in fourth place and Ray Robinson in fifth spot also on 20 points.
A match played between John Fleming partnered by Roy Hindmarsh and Chris Smith partnered by Dave Ryles started off with the Smith pair charging straight into an early lead of 5 to 2 shots and looking in great form and they were able to increase their advantage to 10 to 3 shots as the halfway stage in the match was reached.
As the match continued the Fleming pair with some excellent play started to find some extra form to steadily reduce their opponents lead to just 3 shots at 16 to 13 shots with just one end left to play. After an exciting final end of bowls it was the Fleming/Hindmarsh duo that scored just a single shot that left Chris Smith and Dave Ryles to secure the victory by 16 to 14 shots.
The Division Two title has already been won by the current leader Adrian Wardle who is on 36 points with Mike Parsons in second place with 33 points followed by Gez Holloway creeping into third place on 27 points.
An encounter took place between the pairs Gez Holloway partnered by Chris O’Sullivan and Mike Parsons partnered by Dave Portanier that produced an evenly balanced match for the first half. The Holloway pair started well and developed themselves a lead of 9 to 3 shots in the early stages of the match.
However the Parsons pair upped their game delivering some excellent bowls to edge their way back to level at 9 shots each as the halfway stage of the match was reached. In the second half of the battle the Parsons pair maintained their game and powered their way into the lead by 15 to 9 shots. The Holloway pair did not give up and went on to win the remaining five consecutive ends scoring a total of 6 shots to finish this remarkable match with a 15 shots each draw.

In the Evening Singles League Phil Parker is still resident in the top spot with a total of 61 points with nearest rival Alex Mullin currently in second place on 50 points. Third place is occupied by Peter Cox on 45 points followed closely by Duncan McIntosh also on 45 points.
Recent results include A. Wardle 5 P. Cox 9, P. Cox 14 M. Portanier 1, M. Portanier 5 A. Wardle 11,
G. Windsor 6 R. Skinner 4, R. Skinner 5 P. Parker 5, P. Parker 10 G. Windsor 4,
D. McIntosh 10 R. Brown 5, R. Brown 6 K. Portanier 4, K. Portanier 12 D. McIntosh 6,
J. Wardle 2 A. Mullin 16, J. Wardle 6 A. Bennett 7, A. Mullin 5 A. Bennett 11.

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                                                                               FORTHCOMING EVENTS

                    Saturday March 23rd          PLAY DAY (Public Open Day)     10.30am to 4.00pm

                   Wednesday March 27th    Scunthorpe Ladies play away in the Lincolnshire County Ladies
                                                                          League (Trudy Bates) against Horncastle commencing at 1.30pm.

                    Friday March 29th              Scunthorpe Men play at home in the Lincolnshire County Men’s
                                                                          Over 60’s League against Spalding commencing at 10.30am.