21st September 2017

The Start of the New 2017/18 Indoor Season

The start of the new 2017/18 Indoor Season sees the commencement of a hectic full six months of bowling in Club team matches, domestic League games and the many competitions that individual members participate in.
The Club starts its Lincolnshire County League programme with the first league fixture being a Men’s match against Spalding to be played at Scunthorpe mid October.
The National team competitions already programmed include the men’s Denny Cup against North Cave, the ladies Yetton Trophy against Dunholme, Men’s Over 60’s Double Rinks team A against Skegness, team B against Louth, the Egham Mixed team against Horncastle and the ladies Mason Trophy Double Rinks team against Sleaford providing the Scunthorpe club with a heavy programme of competitive team matches to start the new season off.
Friendly matches include Scunthorpe ladies in the Annual Challenge match against North Cave in which they compete for a cut glass Rose Bowl given by Scunthorpe member Heather Mackfall who originally set up this annual contest. This match is played alternate years home and away and it is Scunthorpe’s turn to host North Cave this year

Lincolnshire County Vice Presidents will play a team representing Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Club in a friendly match at Scunthorpe Indoor.
A team representing Lincolnshire Indoor Bowling Association containing a number of Scunthorpe bowlers will play a match in the Midland Counties Seniors League against Yorkshire at the Scunthorpe Indoor Centre.

The domestic leagues have already started and are now in full swing and have now completed their first full week’s matches of the new season’s programme.

In the Veteran Triples Division One a match between the teams of Steve Blakey and Arthur Meggett turned out to be a match that was very evenly balanced for the first half of the encounter. As the game commenced both rinks shot out of their starting blocks with some excellent bowling that produced an early score-line of 5 shots each.

This pattern of competitive play was maintained by both rinks as this interesting battle progressed on with the Steve Blakey trio just holding on to a lead of 11 to 10 shots by the halfway stage of the match had been reached. However the Arthur Meggett rink playing some real quality bowls suddenly scored 5 shots on the next end followed by a single shot on the very next end easing themselves into the lead by just 16 to 11 shots with only five ends to play. A determined Blakey trio still fighting for the victory retained the pressure on their opponents by scoring 4 shots on the next end followed by the Meggett rink scoring a total of 9 shots over the next three consecutive ends.

With just a single end remaining to play and the scores at 25 to 15 shots in favour of the Arthur Meggett rink the match was now over. However the Blakey rink tried desperately hard to reduce the deficit and managed to score just a single shot leaving the Arthur Meggett trio to secure the victory in their first match of the new season by 25 to 16 shots.

Veteran Triples Division Two set off with Trevor Smith’s team taking on the team of Keith Sylvester in what turned out to be a match that was decided in the final two ends. The Keith Sylvester trio started off bowling extremely well and developed themselves an early lead of 4 to 2 shots.

As the game progressed the Smith rink suddenly found some extra form and started to edge their way back to level the encounter at 6 shots each as the mid-point of the match was reached. On the next end the Sylvester rink playing some accurate bowls scored 2 shots to regain the lead by 8 to 6 shots. The Smith rink again upped their game and with some consistent play won the next two consecutive ends collecting a total of 2 shots to level the match again at 8 shots each with just two ends remaining to play in the match.

With both rinks determined to win this evenly balanced battle they each delivered some quality bowls but it was the Sylvester trio that scored a single shot on the first of these ends. With the Sylvester rink now leading by 9 to 8 shots and although the Smith trio threw everything they had at their opponents it was the Keith Sylvester rink that scored a single shot on the final end securing the victory by 10 to 8 shots.

Playing on the edge

Rob Skinner

Come this way

In the Veteran Rinks Division One the meeting between the Peter Collins team and Derek Fox’s team produced an exceptionally close match that always looked like going to the last bowl. Initially the Fox team set off well producing some excellent bowls to take an early lead of 5 to 0 shots. Going from strength to strength the Fox squad were certainly now on a roll as they produced some quality bowls to steadily increase their lead.

However the Collins team were still trying to establish themselves in this match and managed to win a single end to trail their inform opponents by 13 to 2 shots. With the Collins rink now starting to up their game and playing some excellent bowls the score-line then progressed on to 13 to 4 shots still in favour of the Fox quartet as the mid-point in this intriguing game was reached. The second half of the match started with the Fox rink scoring 3 shots increasing their lead to 16 to 4 shots. However then the drama unfolded as the Collins rink produced some excellent form to win the next four consecutive ends scoring a massive total of 13 shots to not only draw level but going on to take the lead by 17 to 16 shots with just three ends to be completed in the match.

The Fox quartet dug their heels in and produced some of their best bowls of the match to win the next two ends and scoring a total of 2 shots to retake the lead by 18 to 17 shots. In the final end both rinks fought hard to win but as the last bowl came to rest it was the Peter Collins quartet that won the end and scored a total of 2 shots to finish this match with a victory by 19 to 18 shots and a deep sigh of relief after a real battle of attrition.

In Veteran Rinks Division Two Tony Betts’s team played against Neil Berry’s team in a match that turned out to be a real battle that was decided on the final end. It was the Berry squad that started well getting into their stride immediately and creating themselves an early lead of 5 to 1 shots.

As the match progressed on the Betts rink settled into the match well and by the halfway stage of the battle they had clawed their opponents lead back to level the match at 5 shots each. The Berry quartet continued to apply the pressure to their opponents in the second half of the match by producing some excellent bowls taking their lead to 10 to 6 shots. However the Betts quartet were not giving up and fought hard to win the next end scoring a total of 4 shots to take the scores to 10 shots each with just three ends to play in this intriguing match.

As this sporting battle continued it was now the turn of the Betts rink to score a single shot on the first of these final three ends to lead by 11 to 10 shots. This was then followed by the Berry rink securing a single shot on the next end with some quality bowls to level the scores at 11 shots each. The final end produced some exceptional competitive bowls from both quartets but it was the Tony Betts rink that won the end scoring a single shot to seal the victory by just 12 to 11 shots in this excellent evenly matched and hard fought battle between to quality rinks.

Remember that is ours

One up One down

Taking a closer look

In Australian Pairs 6.30pm (Mon) a match played between the pairings of Dave Saxby partnered by Marion Addey (Rob Skinner team) and John Whitwell and partner Peter Cox developed into an encounter that was evenly balanced for the first half of the match producing a halfway point of the match lead of 8 to 6 shots just in favour of the Whitwell/Cox pairing.

As the battle continued the Whitwell/Cox pair extended their lead to 12 to 6 shots even though the Saxby/Addey combination were delivering some good bowls. As this interesting encounter progressed on the scores moved on to 14 to 9 shots each showing how evenly matched these pairings had become. Then the drama unfolded as the Whitwell/Cox duo won the next end scoring a total of 7 shots to increase their lead to 21 to 9 shots.

The Saxby/Addey pair followed this up by scoring a single shot on the next end to leave them trailing by 21 to 10 shots with just the final end of this interesting match to complete. Although on the final end the Saxby/Addey pairing produced some excellent bowls they were unable to stop John Whitwell and Peter Cox from winning this hard fought battle by 22 to 10 shots leaving the losing pair to reflect on the one bad end.

In the Australian Pairs 12.30pm (Tues) Len Lammas and Dave Gall played against Dave and Pam Saxby  in a match that turned out to be another extremely close fought game that resulted in just 3 shots difference at the finish of the match. The match started with the Lammas/Gall pair settling straight into the match and shooting into an early lead of 9 to 0 shots after some quality bowling.

At this point in the match the Saxby duo put some excellent bowls together that stemmed the flow of shots their opponents had been collecting.  Both pairings were now delivering some good bowls securing a lead of 12 to 5 shots for the Lammas/Gall combo at the halfway stage of this fascinating battle. As the match moved on the Saxby pair started to win the ends and eased their way back in the encounter clawing the scores back to trail by just 16 to 11 shots with just two ends still to be completed.

As this fascinating battle continued and it was now the turn of the Saxby pair to score 3 shots to trail now by 16 to 14 shots. On the final end Len Lammas and Dave Gall maintained their composure and played some excellent bowls to win the end scoring a single shot to secure the victory in this close battle by 17 to 14 shots.

                                                                    FORTHCOMING INDOOR EVENTS
Sunday September 24th    Scunthorpe Ladies team play at home in the Annual Challenge match against North Cave commencing at 12.30pm.

Sunday October 8th            Scunthorpe Mixed team play at home in a Friendly match against Lincolnshire County Vice-Presidents commencing at 2.00pm.

Saturday October 14th      Scunthorpe Men’s team play at home in the Lincolnshire County Men’s League against Spalding commencing at 1.00pm.

                                   FUTURE INDOOR SEASON REPORTS ….

For the 2017/18 season the published reports on all the various domestic leagues will be based on a three week cycle. The leagues will be grouped as follows:

Week One      Veteran Rinks Leagues Mondays and Tuesdays (Division One & Two)
                             Veteran Triples Leagues Thursdays and Fridays (Division One & Two)
                             Australian Pairs League Mondays (One Division)
                             Australian Pairs League Tuesdays (One Division)

Week Two    Mixed Pairs League Mondays (One Division 12.30pm)
                             Mixed Pairs League Mondays (One Division 2.30pm)
                             Mixed Pairs League Fridays (One Division 2.30pm)
                             Ladies League Thursdays (One Division)
                             Evening Triples League Fridays (One Division)

Week Three   Mid-Week Triples Leagues Wednesdays (Division One, Two and Three)
                               Evening Pairs Leagues Wednesdays and Thursdays (Divisions One and Two)

                                                           OUTDOOR LEAGUE’S PRESENTATION NIGHT

The Scunthorpe & District Bowls League’s ‘Presentation Evening’ incorporating The Scunthorpe Triples League will be held at Redbourn Social Club on Friday 6th October 2017 from 7.00pm until midnight. Entertainment will be provided by the legendary local band ‘The Moggies’ singing a mixture of 60’s to present day material along with ‘Sounds Incorporated Disco. Tickets cost £7.50p per person and will include Pie, Chips and Peas supper with various Pre-booked options available. Posters for this event are now displayed at all Clubs and Tickets for this event should be obtained through your Club Secretary.