15th June 2017


In the Indoor Summer League Triples table Alex Mullins’s team are at the top of the table with 14 points followed by the team of Peter Collins who have slipped down into second place on 13 points followed by John Painter’s and Dave Saxby’s squads both on 12 points in third and fourth places.

The top two teams have now lost 2 matches each whilst the Collins team has also dawn a game but there is still a long way to go and there is sure to be many more twists and turns yet to come in this League.

An extremely close game was played out by Len Lammas’s rink when they faced a match against the Peter Collins squad. The match commenced with both teams matching one another in an evenly balanced contest producing an early score-line of 3 shots each. As the first half of the match progressed the Lammas trio steadily edged into a slight lead of 4 to 3 shots with some very competitive play.

By the halfway stage of the match had been reached the Collins squad had managed to ease themselves into the lead by 7 to 4 shots. However over the next two ends with a determined effort the Lammas squad played some great bowls to level the match at 7 shots each with just six ends left to play. As the game continued towards the final ends both rinks battled hard to again draw level at 10 shots each with two ends left to complete in this intriguing match. Then the drama unfolded as the Collins trio retook the lead by 11 to 10 shots with just one end to still play in the match.

Dramatically the final end proved to be a disappointment for the Collins three when the Lammas rink produced some excellent bowls to secure this final end scoring a single shot to finish the hard fought battle with a draw of 11 shots each in what had turned out to be an excellent competitive match.

In the Wednesday Indoor Australian Pairs League the team of John Painter now heads the table on 8 points with Alex Mullin’s team on 7 points down to second spot followed by the team of Dennis Chambers on 6 points in third place. The Painter team has currently only lost one match whilst the Mullin team has only lost a match and drawn one.

A real battle of a match took place between the teams of Ian Robinson partnered by Robert Bugg (Dave Saxby’s team) and Peter Blake partnered by John Moore that turned out to be a match that finished with only a single shot difference in the result.

The encounter commenced with the Blake/Moore pairing charging straight out of the starting blocks and developing themselves an early lead of 5 to 2 shots with some excellent play. At this point in the game the Robinson/Bugg duo managed to score a single shot followed by 2 shots to draw level at 5 shots each. However they were unable to stop the Blake/Moore pair from building a lead of 8 to 7 shots by the halfway stage of the match had been reached.

Progressing on in this intriguing battle the scores moved on to 8 shots each then 9 shots each and then the Robinson/Bugg duo eventually secured an advantage of 1 to 9 shots with just two ends to play in the match. In the first of these ends the Robinson/Bugg pairing scored a single shot taking them into the final end leading their opponents by 11 to 9 shots.

The last end produced some fine play from both pairs changing the end with almost every bowl that was delivered but it was the Blake/Moore duo that scored only a single shot leaving the Robinson/Bugg pairing to secure a very well earned victory by 11 to 10 shots after an excellently fought competitive match.

Throughout the Summer season regular fortnightly Summer Indoor League reports by Ray Robinson will be published on the Indoor Website.