14th December 2017

                                                                                     DOUBLE RINKS LOSS
Scunthorpe ladies faced a tough encounter when they met Boston in the National Over 60’s Double rinks Knockout Competition (Mason Trophy) that involves one rink at home and one rink away.

The home Scunthorpe rink of Margaret Saunby, Linda Salmon, Margaret Dargue and Pat Kelly found themselves leading in the early stages by 6 to 3 shots over their visiting Boston opponents who settled into the match immediately. Playing some consistent bowls the visiting Boston four soon took the lead and started to build an early advantage and by the halfway stage of the match had secured a lead of 13 to 6 shots. In the second half of the battle both rinks continued to play competitive bowls but it was the Boston rink that held their nerve and produced some match winning bowls to eventually secure the victory by 20 to 9 shots.

The other Scunthorpe rink of Jenny Rowe, Joan Spilman, Gill Borrill and Eleanor Nicholson made the journey to Boston and found themselves trailing their home opponents early in their encounter with a score-line of 5 to 3 shots. As this battle continued the Boston rink started to deliver some excellent bowls extending their lead to 18 to 5 shots at the halfway point in the battle. Unfortunately as the match progressed further the home quartet continued to produce some awesome form that the visiting Scunthorpe rink found difficulty coping with although they were still trying hard to reduce the home rinks advantage. With just three ends to play the Boston four continued to maintain their hold on the game over these final ends whilst the rink from Scunthorpe tried desperately hard to claw the deficit back but were finding it tough going eventually losing to the home four by 23 to 13 shots.

The final result overall was triumphant victory to the Boston team by 43 to 22 shots and a welcomed place in the next round of the competition for them.

                                                                          TWENTY FOUR SHOT SUCCESS
In the prestigious National Ladies Knockout Inter-Club Championship (Yetton Plate) game (two rinks at home and two rinks away) Scunthorpe ladies played their first match against near neighbours North Cave.

The home Scunthorpe rink of June Deboer, Jackie Pettitt, Josey Rayner and Margaret Dargue found themselves leading by 6 to 5 shots early in their match and with some excellent play they managed to maintain their lead at 9 to 8 shots as the mid-point in this battle was reached. As the game continued the home quartet managed to extend their lead with some consistent play throughout the second half of the match and eventually secured the victory by a comfortable 32 to 9 shots.

The other home rink of Linda Salmon, Chris Ellis, Mo Regan and Joan Bolton started well by dominating their visiting opponents in the early stages of the encounter producing a score-line of 10 to 2 shots to the Scunthorpe rink. By the halfway point in the match the North Cave rink had reduced the Scunthorpe lead down to 13 to 9 shots and they continued pressurising their home opponents into the second half of the game. As this encounter came to an end it was the home Scunthorpe rink that nervously held on to eventually run out the winners by an extremely close 20 to 19 shots.

Linda Salmon

Following the bowl all the way

Margaret Dargue

It was a similar story at North Cave where the Scunthorpe rink of Joan Spilman, Jenny Rowe, Gill Borrill and Eleanor Nicholson soon found themselves trailing in their match by 5 to 1 shots to a home four that were playing some excellent bowls. Maintaining their advantage as the battle progressed on the North Cave quartet fended off any attack by the Scunthorpe rink as the halfway point of the match was reached. In the second half of the battle the Scunthorpe rink produced the goods and took the lead and held on to it to eventually run out the winners by 18 to 11 shots.

The other Scunthorpe rink at North Cave of Margaret Saunby, Sandra Newlove, Marjorie Nash and Pat Kelly soon found themselves leading by 4 to 2 shots in the early stages of their match and although their opponents were in confident form the Scunthorpe quartet continued to match the North Cave four. By the halfway point in this match the Scunthorpe quartet had maintained their lead at 9 to 6 shots but the home North Cave rink never gave up the fight and carried on playing some excellent bowls. In the second half of this match the North Cave four gradually reduced the Scunthorpe rink’s advantage and then took the lead and a determined home rink in full flow proved to be too much for the Scunthorpe rink that eventually lost to the North Cave four by 22 to 15 shots.

The result of both the home and away rinks was an impressive victory for the Scunthorpe team with an overall score of 85 to 61 shots and a place in the next round of this prestigious competition.

                                                                                                        NEXT ROUND AT YORK
In the next Round (last 16 teams) of the Ladies Yetton Plate Scunthorpe Ladies will play against Eden Indoor Bowls Club (Penrith, Cumbria) at York Indoor Bowls Club, Thanet Road, York (neutral green) on Saturday 6th January 2018 starting at 11.00am. A coach will leave the Scunthorpe Indoor Centre at 8.30am and will have seating for up to 20 supporters.

                                                                               PLATE DISAPOINTMENT
Scunthorpe’s men played their second round match against Boston in the National Knockout Inter-Club Championship (Denny Plate) in which each team play two rinks at home and two rinks away.

As the match commenced the home Scunthorpe rink of Ray Morrell, Norman Anderson, Peter Cox and Paul Johnson found themselves trailing their visiting Boston opponents by an early score-line of 3 to 2 shots. Although the visitors tried hard to extend their lead the home four eventually took the lead and continuing to produce match winning bowls they were able to extend their lead by the mid-point of the encounter to 9 to 4 shots. The Boston four managed to reduce the home rink’s advantage and although the Scunthorpe quartet maintained their composure they could not stop the visiting Boston quartet from taking the lead and holding on to eventually secure the victory by a close 21 to 14 shots.

The other home rink for Scunthorpe of Barry Holliday, John Downes, Warwick Wooldridge and Jim Davidson found themselves trailing by 7 to 6 shots in the early part of their encounter. As this battle continued the visiting Boston rink eased themselves into the lead and extended it to 15 to 7 shots at the halfway point in the game was reached. Both rinks were now producing some competitive bowls and were swapping shot for shot until the three quarters stage of the match when the visitors held onto a lead of 20 to 10 shots.
The home four tried hard to reduce the visitors lead but to no avail as the Boston rink were able to maintain this advantage to eventually run out the victors by 25 to 15 shots.

At Boston the visiting Scunthorpe rink of Vinny Bolton, Ian Robinson, Phil Parker and Phil Boulton started well by matching their home opponents with some excellent play that produced an early score-line of  4 to 3 shots in favour of the home rink. As this game progressed on the home rink started to produce some excellent form as they took the lead and extended it to lead by 17 to 9 shots. The Scunthorpe quartet played well and reduced the home fours advantage but the Boston rink held on to finish the match by securing a welcomed victory by just 19 to 17 shots.

The other Scunthorpe rink at Boston of Neil Rowe, Tom Whiteley, Rob Skinner and Ray Robinson found themselves trailing early in their match by 11 to 1 shots to an in-form home that contained current internationals. The Scunthorpe visitors fought hard to try and limit the home rinks scoring rate but the home quartet in awesome form picked off the visitors with some exceptional attacking play to claim the rink victory by a very comfortable 32 to 7 shots.

The collation of these overall home and away results secured an excellent win for the Boston team by a margin of 97 to 53 shots and place in the next round of the competition.

In the Veteran Rinks Division One the Peter Collins team on 22 points still retains the lead in the Division but the Ron Kelly team on 20 points is snapping at their heels in second place and the John Painter team on 14 points in third place.

The Julie Hargraves team took on the team of David Gaymer in a clash that produced a match in which one team dominated the first half and the other the second. The Gaymer rink got off to a flyer securing an early lead of 8 to 1 shots for themselves and maintained it at 9 to 3 shots by the halfway stage of the game had been reached. However they were unable to maintain this momentum as the Hargraves quartet gradually pulled back to 11 shots each.

Then the Gaymer rink then opened the throttle on the next end and with some excellent play retook the lead by 13 to 11 shots. Again the Hargraves squad pulled the scores back to 13 shots each with just two ends remaining in this intriguing battle. The Gaymer rink again re-established the lead winning the first of these final ends to go 15 to 13 shots into the lead after some excellent play.

In the final end of the match after both rinks had delivered some very competitive bowls it was the Julie Hargraves four that won the end scoring just a single shot to leave the David Gaymer rink to take the victory by 15 to 14 shots.

In Veteran Rinks Division Two the Chris Cooper team on 15 points holds on to the top spot by a single point over the second placed Peter Bennett team who is shadowing them closely waiting for any slip-up.

Peter Dawson’s team took on the team of Eileen Horton in a game that produced an interesting competitive match until the final few ends. The game started with the Dawson squad taking an early lead of 5 to 0 shots but they were unable to stop the Horton rink from pulling back to trail by just 7 to 6 shots and then levelling the match at 9 shots each.

With both rinks now producing some consistent and competitive bowls as the game progressed on they matched one another bowl for bowl maintaining a reasonably evenly balanced game. With just three ends to play the Horton quartet delivered some quality bowls as they scored a single shot to trail by just 12 to 10 shots followed by the Dawson squad scoring 2 shots to lead by 14 to 10 shots.

With the final end to play both rinks were determined to win the match and after and end of exceptional bowling it was the Peter Dawson quartet that scored a single shot securing the victory in this close fought match by 15 to 10 shots.

It's still this way

Definitely 2 shots

Short again

In the Veteran Triples Division One Graham Lewis’s team on 18 points is at the top of the table 4 points clear of the Neil Poole team on 14 points in second place and the teams of Peter Collins in third place and John Hopkinson in fourth place both on 14 points.

A match between the teams of Chris Read and Warwick Wooldridge produced a battle that finished with the final end determining the result. As this intriguing match commenced it was the Chris Read trio that shot into an early lead of 5 to 2 shots having settled into their stride immediately. Unfortunately the Wooldridge trio were unable to stop their opponents from further extending their lead with some excellent play to 8 to 3 shots by the halfway point in the match had been reached.

At this stage of the encounter the Wooldridge rink suddenly sprang into action putting together some great bowls and started off by scoring a total of 8 shots over the next four consecutive ends taking them into the lead by 11 to 8 shots. With just two ends to play the Read rink needed to get themselves back into scoring mode which is what they did by securing a dramatic 3 shots on the penultimate end of the game to level the encounter at 11 shots each.

Playing the final end and with both rinks fighting hard for the victory it was Warwick Wooldridge’s rink that eventually won the end securing 2 shots to finish this hard fought match with a 13 to 11 shot victory.

Veteran Triples Division Two sees Mo Adlesee’s team on 16 points sitting in the top spot with the teams of Meg Gall in second place on 15 points who in turn is being shadowed by Keith Sylvester’s team on 14 points in third place.

A match between the teams of Marjorie Nash and Julie Hargraves produce a single shot victory for one team after an evenly balanced match. Both rinks started well matching one another bowl for bowl producing a score-line of 8 to 7 shots in favour of the Hargraves trio as the halfway stage of the match came up. However the Nash squad then slotted into their stride and edged themselves into the lead by scoring a total of 4 shots on the next end to lead by 11 to 8 shots.

This was the springboard from which the Hargraves trio started their resurgence of form scoring a total of 4 shots over the next four ends to the Nash’s single shot to level the match at 12 shots each leaving just two ends to play. After some very competitive play from both rinks it was the Nash trio that won the first of these final ends scoring a total of 3 shots to lead in the match by 15 to 12 shots.

During the last end both rinks battled hard but it was the Marjorie Nash rink that won the end and scored a single shot to secure a hard fought victory by 16 to12 shots.

In the Australian Pairs 6.30pm (Mon) ) it’s John Whitwell on 22 points at the top of the table 2 points clear of the Rob Skinner on 20 points in second position followed by Geoff Lamplough in third on 19 points.

June Deboer partnered by Ray Morrell (Vic Deboer team) played against Mike Parsons and Bill Lennox in a game that was comfortably controlled by one pair. The encounter started with the Deboer/Morrell pairing taking an early lead of 7 to 0 shots and they maintained this momentum as they eased their way into a lead of 11 to 1 shots by the halfway stage of the match was reached.

Continuing to produce some quality consistent form the Deboer/Morrell pair then extended their lead to 14 to 1 shots with just five ends remaining in the game. Then the Parsons/Lennox combination suddenly sprang into action with some exceptional form as they dramatically scored a total of 10 shots over the next four consecutive ends to trail by 14 to 11 shots with just a final end to play in the match.

The last end brought it’s drama with both pairs delivering some excellent bowls but as the final bowl of the battle came to rest it was the June Deboer and Ray Morrell pairing that scored a single shot to secure the victory by 15 to 11 shots.

Australian Pairs 12.30pm (Tues) sees Ray Robinson heading the table on 10 points with Linda Salmon also on 10 points in second place. These two teams are followed by Vic Deboer and John Moore also on 10 points patiently waiting for any slip-up by the leaders.

Sue Fox partnered by Ian Hudson played John Downs and Colin Petch (Phil Brumpton team) in a match that went right down to the last end. At the start of the game the Downs/Petch pair started well developing themselves an early score-line of 5 to 2 shots lead with some accurate play. However this encounter now started to get interesting as the Fox/Hudson duo suddenly injected some extra form into the match scoring a total of 4 shots on the next end and accelerated into a lead of 8 to 7 shots by the mid-point of the match was reached.

Dramatically then the Fox/Hudson combination continued by producing some excellent bowls to extend their lead to 13 to 7 shots with just four ends left to complete in the match. However the drama had not finished yet as the Downs/Petch pairing scored 3 shots on the first of these final ends to trail by 13 to 10 shots and this was followed it up with 2 shot end to the Fox/Hudson pair to increase their lead to 15 to 10 shots. The final two ends produced an array of quality bowls delivered by both pairs but on the final reckoning it was the Downs /Petch pair that scored a massive 5 shots on the next end to square the battle at 15 shots each.

However the drama was still not over as the final end was played out and after all bowls had been played the Sue Fox and Ian Hudson pair scored a decisive 6 shots on this last end to secure the victory of this epic battle by 21 to 15 shots.

                                                    SCUNTHORPE QUARTET IN CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS
The Scunthorpe rink of Eleanor Nicholson (substitute for Ron Shucksmith), Jackie Pettitt, Tom Whiteley and Ray Robinson will be representing the Scunthorpe area bowlers at the mecca of world indoor bowling Potters Leisure Resort, Norfolk in the Annual Champions versus Champions Tournament all next week.

They qualified for this event as Semi-Finalists in the Annual Bowls International Celebrity Tournament in April 2017 that is attended every year by a large party of over 120 bowlers and friends from Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Club.

Next week’s Champion of Champions tournament includes rinks of finalists from all the bowling tournaments held at Potters Resort during 2017 with the Grand Final being held at the World Championships in January 2018.

                                                                    FORTHCOMING EVENTS

Thursday December 14th  Scunthorpe Ladies play away in the Lincolnshire County Ladies League (Trudy Bates) against Dunholme commencing at 12.30pm.  

Friday December 15th       Scunthorpe Men play at home in the Lincolnshire County Over 60’s League against Sleaford commencing at 10.30am.

Sunday December 17th       Scunthorpe Mixed play at home in the Lincolnshire County Mixed League against Louth commencing at 1.00pm.

                                                                                      FESTIVE CLOSING          
The Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Centre will be closed from:  8.30pm on Friday 22nd December 2017 until 9.30am on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.