14th March 2019


The Lincolnshire Indoor Bowls Association (EBF) Finals were held at Lincoln Indoor Bowls Centre last weekend. The Scunthorpe player Jenny Rowe put up an excellent performance against Brenda Barlow (Lincoln) in the final. Jenny was in devastating form and her Lincoln opponent no chance as she went on to win by an outstanding and well deserved 21 to 11 shots. This secured for Scunthorpe’s Jenny Rowe the Lincolnshire Bowls Association (EBF) Ladies Singles Championship and consequently Jenny will now play in the English Bowling Federation National Championships to be held at Newark Indoor Bowls Club 22nd April to 30th April 2019.
Scunthorpe’s Paul and Sue Grimbleby played in the final of the Mixed Pairs against Chantel Spencer and Jonathan West from Boston and in a match that saw some awesome bowling the Scunthorpe pair were unlucky to the lose this excellent match to the Boston pair by just 16 to 15 shots after a stunning performance

Marjorie Nash

We're 3 shots down

The Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Club is holding a Free Open Day at the Carlton Street Indoor Bowls Centre (thro’ the main Car Park) for anyone who is interested to come along to and try out indoor bowls. Visitors will be able to visit the Centre anytime on SATURDAY 23rd MARCH 2019 between 10.30am to 4.00pm and club members will be on hand to help everyone to enjoy their visit. All visitors will need is a pair of flat soled shoes and the bowls are provided by the club. Children are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult. Coaching will be available to help everyone to enjoy their visit. 
The Open Day event will provide the opportunity for people of all ages from children to senior citizens to come and view the facilities at the Indoor Bowls Centre and try the indoor bowls game out. It does not matter if you have not played before and whatever the age, ability and experience the day is for everyone to come and have a go.
The Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Club prides itself in in its friendly and encouraging atmosphere for new bowlers from families to individuals.  Indoor Bowls is a great way to make new friends and enhance and enjoy your social time.  SO COME ALONG TO THE ‘OPEN DAY’ AND TRY IT OUT.  

Graham Lewis

Having to take a closer look


In the Mixed Pairs 12.30pm (Mon) Phil Boulton’s team still remains established at the top of the table with 32 points followed by the second placed Dennis Chambers team on 31 points who in turn is shadowed by the team of Ray Brown on 23 points in third place.
A match between the pairings of Stan Shellard partnered by Marilynn Harrison and Pat and Graham Whittingham developed into a game in thatwas evenly balanced for the first half of the encounter. Both pairs set off by bowling well and as a consequence the Whittingham pair took an early lead of just 7 to 6  shots and as the match continued both pairings maintained an evenly balanced game with a score-line of 11 shots each as the halfway point in this match had been reached.
In the second half of this match the Shellard pair eased into the lead and maintained it to take them into a last end leading by 19 to 13 shots. On the final end with both teams producing some competitive bowls it was a very delighted Stan Shellard and Marilynne Harrison duo that held on to their form by winning the end  and scoring a single shot to secure the win by 20 to 13 shots.

Mixed Pairs 2.30pm (Mon) has the Graham Lewis team still topping the table on 40 points followed by the team of Alex Mullin on 31 points in second place and Ruby Heatley in third place on 24 points. Fourth spot has been taken over by Marjorie Nash’s team on 23 points followed by Jim Sugden on 21 points.
An encounter took place between the pairs of Margaret Sugden and Barry Walls and Eddie Barker partnered by Thelma Glentworth (Greta Deboer team) that turned out to be a contest that was evenly balanced throughout the match until the final two ends. The game commenced with both pairs matching one another bowl for bowl producing an early score-line of 6 shots each. At this point in this intriguing match the Barker duo started to apply some pressure on their opponents and eased themselves into the lead by just 8 to 6 shots by the halfway stage of the encounter.
Now both pairs were playing some excellent bowls and throughout the second half of the match there was never more than a single shot in the game. With just a single end to play in this encounter the Margaret Sugden and Barry Walls duo eventually won the end scoring a total of 2 shots to take the victory by 14 to 11 shots.

Mixed Pairs 2.30pm (Frid) sees change at the top with currently Jackie Pettitt’s team in the top spot in the table on 32 points followed by the team of Steve Hutchinson in second position on 30 points but having played one games less than the leaders. In third place is the team of Graham Lewis on 23 points followed by the team of Dave Saxby also on 23 points.
An interesting battle took place between the pairs of Joan and Vinny Bolton and Neil and Margaret Berry that turned into a match that had a dramatic final three end finish. The match started with the Bolton pair edging into an early lead of 5 to 1 shots and they the continued playing extremely well and maintained their lead at 7 to 3 shots by the halfway point in the encounter had been reached.
As this match progressed into the second half both pairs delivered some outstanding bowls that resulted in the Berry’s pulling back to 10 shots each and then taking the lead by 11 to 10 shots. The final three ends produced some excellent bowling from both pairs but it was Joan and Vinny Bolton that won all three ends  and scored a total of 7 shots to secure an excellent victory by 17 to 11 shots.

In the Mixed Pairs 12.30pm (Frid) League Meg Gall still heads the table on 19 points followed by Eleanor Nicholson on 17 points in second place. Bernard Sims in third place is on 13 points with Pat Whittingham chasing them on 11 points.
Margaret Sugden partnered by Paul Ashley (Jim Sugden team) played a match against Bernard and Barbara Sims that was evenly balanced for the first half of the match. On commencement of the match both pairs produced some excellent bowls that produced a score-line of 5 shots each as the halfway point in the match was reached. In the second half of the battle the Sims duo opened the throttle and took the lead by10 to 5 shots.
The Sugden duo dramatically edged back to level the scores at 11 shots each with just a single end left to play in the game. As the last bowl came to rest on the last end it was Margaret Sugden and Paul Ashley that scored 3 shots to secure the victory by 14 to 11  shots.

An expressive one shot down

  Total concentration

The Ladies League sees the Pat Kelly team on 31 points leading the Division now 11 points clear of nearest rivals Gill Borrill’s team lying in second place on 20 points. Following these two leaders are the teams of Mary Walls on 18 points and Sandra Newlove on 16 points.
A clash between the teams of Sandra Newlove and Sue Wooldridge produced a match that finished with a dramatic final end. This duel started off with both rinks settling straight into their stride and delivering some excellent bowls that produced them an early score-line of 4 shots and it continued with a score of 5 shots each as the halfway stage of the match had been reached. As this hard fought battle progressed on through the second half both rinks continued to match one another bowl for bowl producing a score-line of 8 shots each with two ends left to complete.
On the first of these ends after a very competitively fought battle the Wooldridge rink finished up by scoring a single shot to take the lead by 9 to 8 shots. The last end produced some awesome play from both trios as they battled for victory but as the final bowl came to rest dramatically it was the Sandra Newlove rink that won the end scoring 2 shots that sealed the victory by 10 to 9 shots.

In the Evening Triples League the Rob Skinner team on 31 points is now sitting in a position at the head of the table but is being shadowed by nearest rivals the second placed Graham Teal team on 29 points. Tony Hebblewhite’s team on 27 points is hanging on to third place followed closely by the team of Chris Ellis on 21 points.
The match that took place between Tony Hebblewhite’s team and Chris Ellis’s team finished with an exceptional fightback by one team. The game commenced with the Hebblewhite rink securing an early lead of 4 to 2 shots and maintained it to lead by 5 to 3 shots as the halfway stage of this match was reached.
The second half of the battle saw the Hebblewhite trio with some outstanding play managing to extend their early lead to 10 to 3 shots. The final four ends saw the Ellis trio produced some excellent bowls winning all four of the final ends and scoring a total of 6 shots to lose the game to the Tony Hebblewhite rink by just 10 to 9 shots in what had been a remarkable fightback.

That's the shot bowl

Just bowl In here

                                                                               FORTHCOMING EVENTS

                     Saturday March 16th       Scunthorpe Mixed play at home in the Lincolnshire County
                                                                         Mixed League against Louth ‘B’ commencing at 1.00pm.

                    Saturday March 23rd       PLAY DAY (Public Open Day)     10.30am to 4.00pm