18th April 2019


Scunthorpe played their final fixture of the season in the Lincolnshire County Men’s Over 60’s League away at Boston. The match started with the visiting Scunthorpe team bolting out of the traps and developing an early overall advantage of 32 to 17 shots and by the halfway point in the visitors had maintained their advantage with a 59 to 34 shots lead. Although the Boston team battled well they were unable to make any real impact on the Scunthorpe team’s lead. The visitors in full flow sustained their dominance in the match with some excellent bowling and finished up the comfortable victors by 14 to 4 points (108 to 76 shots).
Scunthorpe’s rink of John Davison, Tom Whiteley, Ray Bartholomew and Ray Robinson found themselves leading early in their match by 9 to 2 shots and playing extremely well managed to increase their lead to 12 to 5 shots eventually running out the winners by a massive 26 to 8 shots.
Dave Batchelor, Roy Coultard, John Hopkinson and Terry Newton for Scunthorpe led their home opponent’s with an early score-line of 7 to 3 shots. As this battle continued the Scunthorpe four steadily increased their lead over the rest of the match with some great play to lead by 22 to 8 shots. At the conclusion of this match and after a quality display it was the Scunthorpe quartet that eventually ran out the winners by a substantial 29 to 12 shots.
The visiting Scunthorpe rink of Roy Hindmarsh, Alan Rymer, John Moore and Neil Rowe soon found themselves leading by 6 to 3 shots early in their encounter. The visiting quartet managed to extend their advantage with some very competitive play to 9 to 5 shots and maintained this lead throughout the rest of encounter to finish by securing the victory by 24 to 16 shots.
Scunthorpe’s Les Savage, Stan Shellard, Graham Lewis and Peter Cox at the halfway stage of their match were leading their visiting opponents by 9 to 5 shots. However the perseverance of the Boston quartet did eventually pay off as they reduced the home four’s lead down with some quality bowling to 9 to 5 shots. Even though the visitors tried hard to maintain their advantage they were unable to stop the Boston quartet from taking the lead by 14 to 10 shots with three ends left to play. In the final ends the home quartet maintained their advantage to finish the match with a well-earned victory by 16 to 13 shots.
The final Scunthorpe rink of John Rayner, Robert Bugg, Bill Jackson and Neil Poole found their Boston opponents in excellent form with an early lead of 4 to 3 shots and as the halfway stage of the match was reached both rinks were drawing at 11 shots each. In the second half of the encounter the home Boston quartet battled hard and managed to take the lead by 20 to 15 shots as they reached the final ends of the game. As the encounter came to an end it was the Boston rink with some quality bowling that held on to run out the winners by 24 to 16 shots.
 Rob Skinner & Peter Cox

Mo Regan & Jane Wardle

Most of the domestic indoor leagues are now complete for this Season and the relevant Divisional Champions have been confirmed. A number of rearranged matches in a variety of Leagues will have been played over these last few days to complete the fixture programme. With these and the Individual Competition Finals completed it only remains now to present all the various winners of Leagues and Individual Competitions at the Presentation Evening to be held on Wednesday 17th April commencing at 6.00pm at the Indoor Centre (report in next week’s Scunthorpe Telegraph).

The Veteran Rinks Division One title has been secured by the Peter Collins team with 31 points followed by the Ron Kelly team on 30 points in second place. Dave Batchelor’s team on 24 points is currently in third place and can be over taken by the fourth placed Josey Rayner’s team currently also on 24 points.
A match between the teams of Sandra Newlove and the Peter Collins developed into a game that was evenly balanced for the first half of the encounter. As the match started the Newlove rink managed to settle immediately delivering some excellent bowls that produced them an early lead of 4 to 0 shots. Then the Collins rink started to find some quality form and by the halfway stage of the game was reached they drew level and then took the lead by just 6 to 5 shots.
This game had now turned into a real duel as the Newlove squad opened the throttle slightly with some match winning bowls and retook the lead by 13 to 6 shots with just four ends left to play. The Collins quartet won the next end and scored 2 shots and followed that up by winning the following end scoring a total of 3 shots to trail by 13 to 11 shots. However as far as the Newlove rink were concerned the match was not over yet as they tried hard scoring a single shot to lead by 14 to 11 with a single end left to play in the match.
However for the Collins quartet it was disappointment as they won the final end but scored only a single shot to leave the Sandra Newlove rink to take this welcomed victory by 14 to 12 shots.

In Division Two the Chris Cooper team has taken the Division title on 36 points with the team of Tony Betts sitting in second place on 30 points and in third place is the team of Bernard Sims on 27 points.
The match between the teams of Bernard Sims and Martin Hammond developed into an evenly balanced match throughout. It was the Betts squad that secured a small early lead of 4 to 3 shots in the match and continued with some determined bowling to maintain an advantage of 9 to 6 shots by the halfway point in the duel.
At this stage in the encounter the Hammond rink suddenly started to produce some better form winning the next two ends scoring a total of 4 shots to pull back and take the lead by 10 to 9 shots with five ends remaining to play. As this match progressed on both teams produced some extremely competitive play and matched one another bowl for bowl that eventually produced a score-line of 12 shots each.
The final two ends produced some quality bowling from both rinks but it was the Hammond quartet that held their nerve to eventually win both ends and unfortunately for the Sims rink over these ends the Martin Hammond quartet scored a total of 4 shots to secure the victory by 16 to 12 shots.

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In the Veteran Triples Division One the Neil Poole team finishes at the top of the table on 43 points followed by the Graham Lewis team in second place on 40 points. These two teams are followed by Peter Collin’s team on 38 points and John Hopkinson’s team on 36 points.
An excellent game was the order of the day in a match between the teams of Steve Blakey and Chris Read. The Blakey trio shot out of their starting blocks with some excellent bowling to secure an early lead of 8 to 0 shots. To show that this was no fluke they continued to retain their advantage extending it to 10 to 2 shots by the halfway point of the match was reached. The Read squad were still trying hard to turn this score around and they dramatically won the next three ends with the added bonus of scoring a total of 8 shots to level the scores at 10 shots each.
With just five ends to play in the match the Blakey rink suddenly stepped up a gear winning the next two consecutive ends and scoring a total of 2 shots to retake the lead by 12 to 10 shots each. Still with determination the Read trio continued to play some good bowls and managed to win the next two ends scoring a total of 4 shots to retake the lead by 14 to 12 shots with just a final end to play in the match.
Both rinks played some awesome bowls in this last end that was changing with virtually every bowl played but on the final count up it was the Steve Blakey trio that eventually scored a single shot to leave the Chris Read rink to secure the victory by 14 to 13 shots.

In Division Two Ian Robinson’s team has finished in the top spot with 24 points and Martin Hammond’s team on 22 points is in second place. These teams are followed by the Chris Cooper team on 20 points and the team of Eddie Barker also on 20 points.
An intriguing match that took place between Sue Fox’s team and Gail Windsor’s team produced a competent performance from both teams. The encounter started with the Fox rink slotting straight into their stride and developing themselves an early lead of 4 to 2 shots. The Windsor trio started to play well and skilfully edged their way into the lead by 8 to 6 shots by the halfway stage of the match had been reached.
As the encounter moved into the second half the Windsor rink continued to maintain their form and maintained their lead at 9 to 7 shots with just five ends remaining to complete. The Fox rink never gave up as they battled on and were able to regain the lead by 12 to 10 shots with some excellent play.
With two ends to play the Windsor rink still produced some excellent bowls to regain the lead by 13 to 12 shots. The final end produced an excellent display of competitive bowls from both rinks but as the final bowl came to rest it was Sue Fox’s team that again won the end scoring another 2 shots to secure the victory in this extremely close game by 14 to 13 shots.

The B.C. Roofing Australian Pairs 6.30pm (Mon) has Paul Johnson on 52 points finishes at the top of the table followed by Geoff Lamplough in second position on 46 points who is in turn being shadowed by Rob Skinner on 44 points in third place.
Roy Harmer and Gill Borrill played against Tony Hebblewhite and partner Kenny Portanier in a match that produced a final three end explosion in a game that was a close finish. This match started with the Harmer/Borrill duo securing an early lead of 5 to 3 shots and looking in excellent form.
Unfortunately they were unable to keep the momentum going as the Hebblewhite/Portanier duo fought back to reduce their lead to7 to 6 shots as the halfway point in the match was reached. Following this the Harmer/Borrill pair sprang into action again by winning the next three consecutive ends and scoring a total of 4 shots to extend their lead to 11 to 6 shots. With three ends left to play in this match the battle was not over yet as both pairs were now in full flight delivering some awesome bowls. It was at this point that the Hebblewhite/Portanier pair scored 2 shots to trail by 11 to 8 shots.
Then they followed this up by winning the very next end after some competitive bowls and scoring a single shot to trail by 11 to 9 shots. The final end produced some excellent bowls from both pairs but it was the Hebblewhite/Portanier duo that exploded into action winning the final end and scoring a total of 2 shots to draw the match at 11 shots each.

The Australian Pairs 12.30pm (Tues) has John Moore finishing in first place in the Division on 41 points followed by Ray Robinson on 38 points in second place. Neil Poole on 37 points is in third place followed by Joan Bolton on 35 points in fourth spot.
An interesting clash took place between the pairings of Mike and Elaine Roots and part Josey and John Rayner that produced a match in which a dramatic final end produced a winning result for one team. The Roots pair started well developing an early lead of 9 to 1 shots and they were able to hold off the Rayner duo from clawing their way back by retaining a lead of 13 to 3 shots as the halfway point of the battle had been reached.
As the match continued the scores moved on to 15 to 9 shots still in favour of the Roots duo. However at this stage in the game the Rayner pair with some excellent play won the next two consecutive ends scoring a single shot on each end to trail by 15 to 11 shots. With two ends left to play and both pairs now in full flow this match it was now the Roots pairing‘s turn to win the end scoring 2 shots to extend their lead to 17 to 11 shots.
The last end contained some excellent bowling from both pairs but as the final bowl of the game came to rest it was the Rayner pair that scored 3 shots to leave Mike and Elaine Roots to take the victory by 17 to 14 shots.

The Australian Pairs 4.30pm (Tues) sees Paul Wilkinson on 31 points takes the top spot followed by Titch Seymour in second place on 26 points. They in turn are followed by Roy Stapleton on 21 points in third place.
Ian Robinson and Ruby Heatley (Roy Stapleton Team) played against Mike Arnett and Martin Hammond in what turned out to be a close fought game. Initially it was the Arnett/Hammond pairing that developed an early lead of 4 to 1 shots that they maintained with some competitive bowling with a score-line of 8 to 4 shots as the mid-point of the match was reached.
As the match moved into the second half the Robinson/Heatley duo maintained their game and extended their lead to 15 to 5 shots with two ends remaining to play in the match. The Arnett/Hammond pair won the first of these ends and scoring a single shot to trail in the match by 15 to 6 shots. Still able to keep the pressure on their opponents Ian Robinson and Ruby Heatley played some excellent bowls in the final end to eventually win this end and score 3 shots to take the victory by 18 to 6 shots.                                  

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Last Saturday and Sunday the Indoor Club’s Individual Knockout Competition Finals were held and they produced an absolute feast of quality bowling. The bowling talent on show involved the Men, Ladies, Mixed and the Open Over 60’s competitions and they produced some absolute stunning bowling that was enjoyed by the many spectators that visited the indoor centre over the two days of these competitions.
One of the most impressive sights was the numerous spectators that came to support all the various competitors and their outstanding skills that they showcased. All this was complimented by the food that the caterers Bebe’s Deli of Ashby provided for the Competitors and spectators that included an quality range of hot and cold refreshments throughout the two days.

In the final of the Men’s Singles Rob Skinner faced Peter Cox in a match that turned into real test of skill, nerves and endurance. Producing some awesome bowls these two quality bowlers battled it out over a mind boggling 23 ends.
The contest between them started with both players matching one another bowl for bowl in an evenly balanced contest that remained that way until the mid-point of the encounter was reached. Then in the final quarter of the contest Peter Cox producing some awesome bowls managed to open up a small lead of 19 to 14 shots but then back came Rob Skinner to pull the scores back to trail by just a single shot at 19 to 18 shots.
As this gladiatorial contest continued Peter with a selection of quality draws extended his lead to 20 to 18 shots needing only a total of 21 shots to secure the victory. Although Rob fought hard with some awesome bowls he was unable to stop Peter Cox from securing the victory by 22 to 19 shots after a real feast of skilful competitive bowling from both competitors.

In the Ladies Singles Mo Regan took on Jane Wardle in a match that produced some excellent quality bowling from both participants. It was Mo Regan that took an early 6 to 4 shots lead and his was followed by Mo extending her lead with some awesome bowling to 14 to 4 shots.
Although Jane Wardle was producing some real quality bowls against an opponent who was in breath-taking form it was extremely difficult for her to get a foothold in the match. With Mo Regan needing just the single shot needed to secure the required 21 shots to seal the victory the pressure was now on her opponent. However Jane was not giving up and scored another single shot to trail by 20 to 7 shots. Both players calm and collected delivered some quality bowls on the next end but it was Mo Regan that went on to eventually secure the victory by 21 to 7 shots after 20 ends of awesome bowling.

Both days saw a feast of top quality bowling and spectator entertainment that closed a weekend of Club individual Competition Finals successfully completed thanks to the Competitions Secretary Paul Johnson for all the arrangements and the umpires George Matchett on Saturday and Ray Robinson on Sunday for their attendances at these finals.
This now brings the 2018/19 Indoor Bowling Season to a close with only two days left of catch-up league bowling to be completed.

MENS SINGLES  -  Peter Cox   (22 to 19 shots)
MENS PAIRS  -  Tom Whiteley and Ray Robinson  (24 to 19 shots)   
MENS TRIPLES  -  A. Wardle, Duncan McIntosh and Peter Brocklesby  (14 to 12 shots)
MENS RINKS  -  D. Ryles, G. Teal, G. Lamplough and C. Smith  (17 to 12 shots)   
OPEN OVER 60’s SINGLES  -  Graham Teal  (21 to 13 shots)
OPEN OVER 60’s PAIRS  -  R. Skinner and P. Cox  (19 to 8 shots)
OPEN OVER 60’s TRIPLES  -  R. Skinner, N. Poole and N. Rowe  (17 to 16 shots) after an extra end
MIXED PAIRS  -  A. Wardle and J. Wardle  (21 to 20 shots)
MIXED RINKS  -  Graham Teal, Paul Grimbleby, Sue Grimbleby and Mo Regan  (16 to 13 shots)
OPEN AUSTRALIAN PAIRS  -  Paul Johnson and Paul Grimbleby   (22 to 10 shots)
LADIES SINGLES  -  Mo Regan  (21 to 7 shots)
LADIES PAIRS  -  C. Ellis and M. Regan  (21 to 16 shots)                          
LADIES TRIPLES  -  P. Kelly, J. Rayner and R. Davey (16 to 12 shots)
LADIES RINKS  -  Joan Bolton, Sylvia Lammas, Rita Davey and Margaret Dargue  (21 to 11 shots)


Next week a large party of 117 bowlers and friends from Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Clubs are travelling in two coaches and cars for a five day break organised by Scunthorpe Indoor member Ray Robinson to the mecca of indoor bowls the ’Potters Leisure Resort’ at Hopton-on-Sea on the Norfolk coast.
This venue is the home of the televised ‘World Indoor Bowls Championships’ competition and the large party of bowlers will make this Annual trip to relax, enjoy a social break and savour, the quality entertainment, the party atmosphere and indulge in the exceptional food. They will also be rubbing shoulders with celebrities of the game such as World Bowls number one ranked Greg Harlow and number fifteen ranked Andy Thompson MBE who will be resident at the venue during the whole visit.
During this five day break the Scunthorpe and Gainsborough contingent will also be taking part in in an indoor tournament involving bowlers from other areas of the country organised by ‘Bowls International’ magazine.

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                                                                               FORTHCOMING EVENTS

                   Saturday April 27th           Scunthorpe Indoor Club’s Annual General Meeting takes place at the
                                                                         Indoor Bowls Centre commencing at 2.00pm.