3rd May 2018


Many dedicated greenkeepers have been working on their greens throughout the autumn and winter months and are now ready for the start of the new season. This preparation will have included moss and disease eradication, fertilising and regular scarifying to reduce thatch and speed up the playing surface. On most of our greens this work is carried out by the greenkeeper and club members that volunteer to help who are so important to every Club.
So we now should be ready for the off and let us all hope for some real summer weather with lots of sunshine and warm weather and the reuniting of many good friendships and competitive battles again. The comprehensive fixture programme started on Tuesday the 1st May 2018 with a series of league matches taking place.


The large party of 122 bowlers and guests from Scunthorpe and Gainsborough Indoor Bowls Clubs travelled in two coaches and a number of cars to the Wembley of the bowling world ’Potters Leisure Resort’ in Norfolk. This venue is the home of the televised ‘World Indoor Bowls Championships’ and the large party from the Scunthorpe and Gainsborough area made this Annual trip to relax, enjoy a social break, savour the quality entertainment, the party atmosphere and indulge in the exceptional food.
Everyone soon settled into the holiday spirit created at the complex, taking part in the bowling tournament and the various activities that were available ranging from dancing classes, glass engraving, card making, Archery and Rifle shooting to the more energetic keeping fit, golfing, Segway driving and Swimming. They also enjoyed bingo, dancing and the top West End quality entertainment that was supplied in the Atlas theatre every evening by the talented Potter’s theatre company.
Another of the highlights of the week was the Annual celebrity bowling match in which Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Club’s Tony Nicholson (Highfield House Outdoor Club) had the honour of playing in the rink of the world number one ranked and England player Gregg Harlow in a match against the world number ten ranked and most capped England player Andy Thompson MBE and his rink. The match produced some quality bowls from not only the two England players but also all players that took part eventually finishing with a victory for the Gregg Harlow quartet in front of a large extremely enthusiastic and vocal audience. The match was followed by the celebrity rinks being presented with gifts from Andy Thompson and Gregg Harlow.
During this five day break the bowlers in the Scunthorpe party took part in an indoor tournament sponsored by ‘Bowls International’ magazine against bowlers from other areas of the country. It turned out to be an excellent tournament for the Scunthorpe teams with the six quartets of Ron Shucksmith, Jackie Pettitt, Tom Whiteley, Ray Robinson and Gordon Appleby, Barbara Sims, Phil Brumpton, Bernard Sims and Charles Morris, Brian Bristow, Phylis Morris, Geoff Horton and Terry Newton, Shirley Burnett, Dave Batchelor, Jim Davidson and Eleanor Nicholson, Sylvia Whitehand, Mo Regan, Tony Nicholson and Mike Parsons, Marion Addey, John Cranidge, Dave Beamish all reaching the last 16 but it was followed by a little disappointment as three rinks went out of the competition in this round.
The three Scunthorpe rinks of Charles Morris, Mike Parsons and Ray Robinson produced some top quality bowls in their appropriate Quarter-Finals but unfortunately the Robinson rink lost to the Parsons quartet whilst the Morris rink also won their match securing themselves a place in the Semi-Finals. In their Semi-Final match the Scunthorpe rinks of Mike Parsons and Charlie Morris drew one another and again produced some awesome bowls in an excellent competitive encounter. As the match came to an end the Parsons quartet had built themselves a small lead and eventually held on to take the victory away from the Morris rink that had played such an excellent tournament and done the Scunthorpe party proud.
Scunthorpe’s rink of Mike Parsons, Marion Addey, John Cranidge and Dave Beamish (local player) had produced some excellent form throughout the tournament and had now qualified for the final. On the day of departure the Scunthorpe contingent stayed to watch the final of the tournament that turned out to be a hard fought match between the Scunthorpe rink and a rink from Eastbourne. After a display of awesome bowling the Parsons quartet from Scunthorpe could not quite match the form of the Eastbourne rink that eventually went on to beat the Scunthorpe four to claim the victory.
Following the final Andy Thompson and Gregg Harlow presented the ‘Bowls International’ magazine tournament winners and the Scunthorpe rink with their appropriate trophies. Then it was off on the long journey back to Scunthorpe for everyone after a superb enjoyable 4 day break in Norfolk that had been successfully organised and run by Scunthorpe’s Ray Robinson with valuable assistance from Eleanor Nicholson, Mo Regan and Paddy Robinson.


The Indoor Summer Triples league will start on Thursday 10th May 2018 and will run on Monday and Thursday mornings until early August commencing at 10.30am. The Australian Pairs League will start on Wednesday 16th May 2018.

The Bookends Café will be opening 9.30am to 12.30pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on the Summer League days for Sandwiches (hot & cold), chip butties and sausage and chips etc. as well as the usual hot drinks. In addition to these refreshments TAKE-AWAY food can be ordered before 12.00 noon on these days (please see Chantelle at the Café) also see Club Website for detailed Menu.


One of the most exciting, beneficial and positive moves forward for the Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Club has just started to take place. A Development Group has been formed consisting of the Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Club’s President Ray Robinson (Chairman) and 15 very enthusiastic and active members as a sub group of the Club Management team. In close and regular assistance with the Development Officers of the North Lincolnshire Council, the English Indoor Bowls Association and the Bowls Development Alliance a Development Plan has been formulated to set out a sustainable and robust plan for improving and moving the club forward by securing it’s medium and long term future. The main Development Group has now split down into smaller sub groups that will each be responsible for a number of development area as follows: Marketing & Promotion, Member Recruitment & Retention, Coaching & Volunteer Development, Community Development and Facility Development & Improvements.
•    Early drafts of ‘Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Centre’ information leaflet, and a Member Questionnaire are currently being discussed for suggestions or amendments by whole Group.
•    The Development Group as a whole has received delivery of the Development Plan for the Club from the Bowls Development Alliance. The Group with the help of the BDA and North Lincolnshire Council have discussed in detail the Plan and amendments to be applied. This has been followed by the Scunthorpe Indoor Club’s management team approving unanimously the Development plan and it has now been signed up to.

•    Meetings are currently taking place between the Group and North Lincolnshire Council on a number of these areas.

•    Already a Level One Coaching Course is being arranged that will be held at the Scunthorpe Indoor Centre in July and the required six Scunthorpe applicants as well as two reserves have been forthcoming.

The Development Plan maps out a positive future for Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Club and the Development Group will continue to work closely with the Club’s Management, North Lincolnshire Council, the English Indoor Bowls Association and the Bowls Development Alliance to achieve a positive future for the Club.
Three Shots to Scunthorpe
Another three shots up
Come this way


In closing this report I would like to thank David Gaymer for the first part of the Season and Paul Johnson our new Indoor Club Site Webmaster who has produced and presented the Scunthorpe Indoor Bowls Club Website along with my weekly reports in such a professional manner. Without them and their expertise my Reports would probably not have attracted so many hits. I enjoy working with Paul our new webmaster and he has taken over and has maintained our website in a very efficient and professional manner. The reports along with photos are published every Thursday morning to coincide with the publication of the Scunthorpe Telegraph on Thursdays. So thanks Paul for all your time and enthusiasm that you put into providing the Indoor Club with a professional looking Site and an enjoyable and interesting read.

Future Weekly Bowls reports will include regular features on the Weekly League Results and League Tables, Match of the Week (detailed report), Competition Results, Triples League Results and Tables, Club News (as it becomes available), County Reports and fortnightly Summer Indoor League reports.
If any Club members can supply me with any interesting information about their Clubs or Matches it would be appreciated if they could contact Ray Robinson on Tel. No. 01724 763062.

A great celebrity bowl
A celebrity formation
  Total concentration


Will all Clubs please note that all Scunthorpe and District Outdoor League completed results sheets, Competition Entry Forms and articles for the Scunthorpe Telegraph should be sent to the League’s Results and Competitions Secretary (Ray Robinson), or posted in the letterbox in the single brown wooden doorway partway along the front wall of the Scunthorpe Indoor Bowling Centre.  (Note: NOT THE MAIN GLASS DOORS). All results sheets taken to the Indoor Centre must be posted in the single brown wooden doorway post box by 12.00 noon on Saturdays for publication in the following Thursday’s Scunthorpe Telegraph.
Please Note:  The SEVEN day rule applies as per 13b in the Scunthorpe & District Bowls League Constitution as revised at the 2015 Annual General Meeting). All CANCELLATIONS and REARRANGEMENTS must be notified to the League’s Results Secretary (Ray Robinson) Please Note:  Please Note:  immediately.


It’s time again for the Annual Scunthorpe & District Bowls League outdoor match featuring last Seasons Division One winners Cemex playing a team consisting of 5 rinks from each of the other Division’s winning teams and a rink representing the League’s Management team. The game will be held at the Cemex green at South Ferriby on Sunday 6th May 2018 at 1.30pm for a 2.00pm start. The ‘Rest Team’ rinks will be formed from the Div 2 Winners (Cemetery Road B.C) and the Div 3 Winners (Barton Park B.C), Div 4 Winners (Belton B.C), Ladies Div (Cemetery Road B.C) and the dress code will be Greys and Whites but Club Shirts may be worn provided each member of the rink wears the same.


The Scunthorpe & District Bowls League Individual Knockout Competition’s CLOSING DATE for entries is SUNDAY 20th May 2018.
All Entry Forms must be completed and submitted to the League’s Competitions Secretary – Ray Robinson by the above Closing Day.

                                                     Photos from the 2018 Potters Trip - Bowls International Tournament

Taking a closer look
Final - Scunthorpe v Eastbourne
Greg & Andy with the Scunthorpe Rink

                                                                             FORTHCOMING EVENT

        Thursday May 10th        Scunthorpe Indoor Club’s re-opens for the 2018 Summer League Program