**SUMMER NEWS 2019**

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The Indoor Summer Triples League programme has now come to an end with some last minute changes to the top positions in the tables taking place after the final matches were completed. The Peter Collins team has secured the League title with a total of 39 points.
They are followed by Alex Mullin’s team in second place on 38 points with Len Lammas’s squad on 32 points in third spot. An extremely close final game was played out by Alex Mullin’s rink when they faced a match against the Peter Collins squad. This match would determine the winners of the League with the Alex Mullin team going into the encounter in the top spot with just a single point lead over the Collins squad.
The match commenced with the Collins trio of Tom Whiteley, Jim Davidson and Ray Robinson starting well by developing themselves an early 10 to 0 shots lead. By the halfway stage of the match had been reached the Mullin trio of Margaret Saunby, Pat Kelly and Alex Mullin had clawed back slightly with some positive play to trail by 10 to 3 shots. However with some awesome play the Collins squad maintained their lead at 15 to 7 shots with just a three ends left to complete in the game.
With some quality play from both rinks the Mullin rink managed to secure the all three of these final ends scoring a total of 6 shots to leave the victory to the Peter Collins rink by 15 to 13 shots.
Alex Mullin’s team have secured the Indoor Summer Australian Pairs League Division One title on 35
points followed by the team of Len Lammas on 27 points in second place with Linda Salmon on 26 points finishing in third place.
An interesting match took place between Len Lammas’s team of Sylvia Lammas and Dave Gall when they faced a match against the Phil Boulton team of Phil and Chris Boulton. The match commenced with the Lammas team involved from the start in this encounter by securing themselves an early lead of 5 to 0 shots. As the halfway point in this encounter was reached the Lammas duo were now in full flow maintaining their lead at 11 to 3 shots.
Continuing to uphold their lead in the game with some consistent quality bowls the Lammas pair increased their advantage taking the scores to 13 to 6 shots with four ends left to play in the match. As both rinks started to put together some quality bowls in these final ends it was all about the tension of the battle and who could hold their nerve. Then with some excellent play the Boulton duo won the first two of these ends scoring a total of 2 shots to trail by 13 to 8 shots.
The last two ends saw some highly competitive play from both rinks but again it was the Boulton pairing that continued to produce some excellent bowls to secure both these final two ends and scoring a total of 3 shots to leave the Lammas pair to take the victory by 13 to 11 shots.

In the Australian Pairs League Division Two the Kev Robinson squad on 24 points (shots difference of 120 shots) has secured the league title and are followed by the teams of Ken Seymour also on 24 points in second place with Ron Cline on 20 points in third place.
An extremely close match took place between the team of Norman Anderson (John Rogers and Micheal Hare) and the team of Ann Frazer (Ann Frazer and Shirley Booth) that ended after a hard fought battle with a very close finish. The match commenced with both pairs involved in the first half of this battle matching one another shot for shot producing an early score-line of 3 shots each. As the game progressed on both duos settled into the match and bowling well they continued this match by matching one another and producing a score-line of 8 to 7 shots in favour of the Anderson pairing by the halfway stage of the game had been reached.
This pattern of play remained as they went on as the Anderson duo extended their lead to 12 to 7 shots with just four ends remaining in this interesting battle. The first two of these ends produced a great exchange of shots that resulted in the Frazer pairing winning the both ends and scoring a the total of 2 shots to trail in the match by 12 to 9 shots and this was followed by the Anderson duo winning the next end and scoring a single shot.
With the scores at 13 to 9 shots lead to the Anderson pair final end produced some quality play from both pairs but it was the Frazeer pair that won the end and securing a single shot on the final count up to bring this very competitively fought battle to an end with a victory for the Norman Anderson team by 13 to 10 shots.